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Water & Flood Damage Restoration Services

When it comes to professional water damage repair, Canada’s Restoration Services leads the way with water damage restoration and commercial water damage. Whether it’s a serious water leak, flood damage, or sewage backup, we make every effort to provide fast and reliable service.

At Canada’s Restoration Services, our highly trained teams have successfully handled virtually every type of water damage scenario. As such, we have effectively remediated and restored countless properties to the “pre-disaster” condition. We aim to keep our customers 100% satisfied.

Whatever the scope of a disaster, we provide a comprehensive approach to water damage repair and restoration. In fact, we also provide complete “pack out” services (and storage) in order to protect valuable belongings while the remediation process is in the works, and until completion.

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Canada’s Restoration Services is a leader in the water damage repair & restoration industry. We serve every major city across Canada and have locations in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. From water and sewage damage restoration to full structural drying, we work hard to ensure that our valued customers receive quick and reliable services.

At Canada’s Restoration Services, keeping our customers 100% satisfied is our main priority. As part of our full and complete water damage repair & restoration service, we also provide Pack Out Services and storage solutions so that your most valuable belongings are protected while we complete the remediation procedure. Canada’s Restoration Services has successfully dealt with every type of water damage situation and will carefully restore your home back to pre-disaster conditions. 

Water Damage Restoration and Commercial Water Damage

With water damage, the situation must be addressed immediately. Whether a residential home or a commercial business, avoiding a water emergency can result in serious secondary damages. In other words, an immediate response will deliver more effective restoration and far less damage. For fast water damage restoration in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, and Montreal, the team at Canada's Restoraiton Services is equipped to show up on scene for inspections and resotration. During commercial water damage repair in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, and Montreal, our team will inspect properties thoroughly, to prevent damage and salvage properties to minimize damage and costs. If mold outbreaks happen on site, Canada's Restoration Services is one of the top mold removal services in Vancouver and much of Canada's other major cities. 

At Canada’s Restoration Services, we combine science and expertise to deliver the best possible outcomes. We provide an assessment of the damage, present a detailed analysis of the situation, and recommend an action plan (thermal imaging helps us to determine the extent of damages). You can rely on our IICRC certified team for water damage repair and clean up as well as mold inspections and mold removal in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and the surrounding areas.

Water Damage Repair & Cleanup Service

The water damage procedure starts off by assessing, removing, repairing, and restoring the affected areas. A common water damage repair includes sewer backup cleanups. Sewage backups create severe health hazards. The longer the contamination process persists, the greater the potential for bacteria development & growth which may lead to serious illness.

Commercial Water/Flood DamageRestoration Service

Water damage issues need to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, if homeowners and business owners avoid dealing with the water emergency as quickly as possible, this could result to secondary damages. The faster you call, the faster we can prevent serious damage to your home or business.

Using a balance of science and expertise, our objective is to prepare an immediate assessment of the damage and present to you a detailed analysis of our findings. Thermal Imaging on every site helps determine what objects and areas are wet, how wet the area is, and the required proceeding step.    

Some Common Ways That Water Damage Can Happen

When neglected, a wet basement will eventually cause damage. The source and cause of a wet basement can vary widely:  a natural occurrence that floods the basement; burst plumbing pipes; melting snow around the home; even a fridge, dishwasher, or washing machine that’s overflowed.

In fact, sewage backup is the most severe of water damage, mainly because it can have potential health hazards. As such, sewage requires immediate attention with a cleanup protocol to properly disinfect and sanitize the entire space. Left unattended the cleanup and restoration can be costly.

Water Damage Requires the Expertise of the Professionals

There are no shortcuts with water damage. The team at Canada’s Restoration Services does not cut corners and does not deviate from industry protocols. We always ensure the better health and safety of customers. We will not provide a service that we can’t execute to 100% capacity.

As professionals, Canada’s Restoration Services constantly engages in continuing education and training so that we’re always at the leading edge of our industry. As such, our people subscribe to the standards recommended by IICRC (the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration).

Identifying the Leak and Contamination

Water Damage RestorationWater Damage RestorationIdentifying the source of the leak is the most important step in the water restoration procedure. Our first goal is to identify the cause or source of the water damage and take the necessary actions to stop and repair the leak. Afterward, the restoration contractors will gather, pump & remove all excess water and/or sewage and salvage any contents and materials. Next, we will remove all unsalvageable contents, test for contamination, and begin the sanitation process.

Emergency Restoration Services: For Professional Water Damage Repair Contact Canada's Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration CompanyCanada's Restoration Services specializes in water damage restoration and commercial water damage. Our in-house technicians are IICRC Certified and qualified to manage water damage of any proportion. We service residential and commercial properties in the Greater Toronto Area.

At Canada's Restoration Services, we utilize the most technologically advanced equipment that helps speed up the water remediation procedure. Our equipment helps speed up the water restoration procedure by identifying the damaged areas. Powerful dehumidifiers are strategically placed to provide high-velocity air movement throughout the affected area. Once we have the premises completely dry and all infected materials are removed, the restoration process will begin.

Our focus is ensuring that mold will not grow as a result of the water damage. Our objective is to restore the water damaged area to its original condition guaranteeing that you, the customer, are completely satisfied with our work! To minimize the need and costs of mold removal from Vancouver to Toronto and Montreal, call Canada's Restoration Services for emergency water damage restoration in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal.

Canada Restoration Services is an Insurance Approved Vendor. We work with all major insurance companies in Canada to provide customers an easier experience. If required, we handle any communications with insurance companies and invoice your insurance directly to help provide guidance for our customers.

When urgency is required, Canada's Restoration Services offers special round-the-clock service. For every type of water damage, residential and commercial customers can call 1-888-551-0514 or contact us online for our range of services.

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