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Crawl Space Cleanup

Water Damage in Crawlspaces

Crawl spaces are not considered a living environment or building envelope within a property but can have serious ramifications on the structure of the house, including leaks, rotting and mold.

Crawl spaces, cold cellars and storage rooms are typically an unfinished area which can pose a problem when it comes to moisture. If there is no insulation or proper ventilation, condensation will build up and the walls and ceilings can start to sweat. Over time, the foundation may start to deteriorate, causing water infiltration and pooling on the floor.

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Water Damage Leading to Mold Growth


It is important to note that any of the above situations can lead to mold growth.

The experts at Canada’s Restoration Services have dealt with crawl space related issues for over 15 years and have been able to provide thousands of customers with effective solutions to their problems.That is why we offer free inspections where we will get right down to the source of the water inflitration. If there is any mold growth present, we will provide a detailed scope of work on the remediation. We will address all the possible issues that may lead to future damage, including:

  • venting
  • lack of insulation
  • foundation cracks
  • structural damage

If pooling water is present, we can send our highly trained and certified technicians to extract the water and install drying equipment (industrial, high powered fans and dehumidifiers). Fast response is necessary with any water damage as mold growth can start within 24 hours. We offer 24/7 Emergency Services for Water Damages.

If you suspect you could have a water issue in your crawlspace, do not wait. Canada's Restoration Services proudly serves Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

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