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Eco Friendly Commitment

Canada’s Restoration Services is working hard to ensure that we protect the environment at all costs. This initiative is performed in several different aspects and opportunities:

  • We utilize eco friendly products, in most cases plant based.
  • We avoid the usage of chemicals in our cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting processes.
  • E-billing and invoicing – sent via e-mail (paperless) - helping to save trees
  • We perform energy efficient audits – with some of our affiliated companies. The results are huge savings for the companies/ individuals and the environment.
  • Recycled and reused boxes for our pack out services.

Canada's Restoration Services takes pride in performing Mold removal, Water Damages or Sewage Clean Up services without chemicals.

Acting green is prioritized regularly with our employees and suppliers. We ask them to be part of our eco friendly commitment.


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