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Mold Inspections and Mold Removal in Edmonton

Mold Inspections and Mold Removal in Edmonton

Mold or mildew develops through excess moisture caused by leaks or water damages in your home or business. Mold quickly develops in dark places, like cold rooms or attics. In addition, mold produces a musty odor. Mold needs to be dealt with immediately because it quickly can grow and spread and create structual damage to your property. When mold spores are present in large combinations, they can seriously harm your health and create mold symptoms, including cough, nausea, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing and respiratory problems. 

Canada's Restoration Services is Canada's leading mold removal company. We perform residential and commercial mold removal services in Edmonton and across Canada, including mold inspectionsmold removal and mold remediation jobs. 

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Mold Inspection in Edmonton 

After contacting Canada's Restoration Services, an IICRC certified project manager will perform a mold inspection in Edmonton. Our mold inspection is a visual inspection of the mould, where the project manager assesses the damages the mold has created, the severity of the mold damage and how the mold has formed. We provide free mold inspections on all visible mold. If the mold is not visible and no water damages have occurred in the past, an air quality test needs to be conducted. 

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Mold Testing in Edmonton 

The quality of the air in your home or office, measured by spore count, should equal the spore count of the air outside. By completing an Air Quality Test (AQT), we are able to determine the mold spores count. If the air quality test confirms that there are an unsafe amount of mold spores, the customer is presented with a scope of work created by Canada’s Restoration Services or written by a third party all in alliance with the IICRC guidelines.

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Mold Removal in Edmonton

Once mold has been confirmed, our fully licensed and certified mold removal experts will begin mold remediation. A containment is set up in order to isolate the affected areas from the home. A negative air pressure is set up in order to prevent spores from escaping the containment. Depending on where the mold is located, using our highly advaned technology and equipment, such as media blasters and thermal imaging guns. We clean, disinfect, deodorize and sanitize using eco-friendly products on all affected areas. Our main objective is to remove the mold and ensure cross-contamination does not occur by taking extensive measures to prevent mold spores from escaping the contaminated area. 

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Mold Removal ReviewMold Removal
Jetta Claws - 13 August, 2018
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We first used Canada’s Restoration Services (CRS) two years ago when we discovered a mold issue under our kitchen sink. I chose CRS for that job because of their many excellent reviews and I wanted a company experienced with mold. The spores are dangerous when released into the air, and we have a family of asthmatics. The mold had spread under the floor and down to the basement but the foreman, Jon Tarves and his team at CRS did a great job. Plus, their financing options made a large and completely unplanned reno job become financially feasible!

Water Damage ReviewWater Damage
Gianluca Addante - 18 July, 2018
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For many years I had a persistent leak in my home. I've had many companies take a look at the problem but none were able to target the source of the leak successfully. Canada's Restoration Services delivered their promises demonstrating their ability to identify my needs as a customer and prioritize my own health as well as my family's. Definitely recommend to anyone. They also provided exceptional customer service.

Asbestos Removal ReviewAsbestos Removal
Merna Buni - 17 May, 2018
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"There was asbestos in my house and Canada restoration services worked really hard to inspect my house and ensure that all the asbestos was gone. Very professional and knowledgeable individuals. Quick and reliable. Definitely recommend."

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Mold removal and water damage emergency in Toronto, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary from Canada's Restoration Services™. Mold removal, water damage emergecny restoration, air quality testing, smoke and fire damage repair.

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