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Sewer Backup Cleanup & Disinfection

Water damage is defined in different categories. Sewage backup is considered the most severe. Sewage backup can create a severe health hazard. The longer the contamination process persists, the greater the potential for bacteria development & growth that may lead to serious illness. In addition, sewage back-flow may create a major loss to your property and its structure by introducing harmful organisms into the structure. An immediate response is required for sewage backups to reduce cleanup costs & health hazards.

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If sewage is not cleaned properly, by disinfecting and sanitizing the surface properly, your repair costs will increase dramatically. Canada’s Restoration Services specializes in handling sewage backup efficiently.

Our highly trained experts have restored thousands of homes and businesses across Canada with sewage backups. The procedure is a 5 step process that requires IICRC certified and licensed professionals to complete. Canada's Restoration Services professionals will:

  1. Contain the area.
  2. Assess the sewage damage and block off air vents. We separate the contaminated area from the rest of the property to prevent any further damage.
  3. Execute sewage removal or sewage water extraction. We eliminate the strong smell inside your home and disinfect with plant based green/eco friendly products to remove the odor and ensure that your home is safe and clean. Air scrubbers are used to purify the air in order to remove any toxins.
  4. Drying and dehumidifying equipment will be placed on site in all affected areas to remove any excess moisture. This part of the procedure is crucial in preventing any mold from growing and help prevent and eliminate the high costs of mold removal in Toronto & the GTA.
  5. All damaged property and items that have been affected by the sewer backup will be restored back to pre-disaster conditions.

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