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Mold Testing & Removal Services in Toronto

Finding mold can be a scary situation. Putting your families or loved ones health in jeopardy is never ideal. Mold can be a hazardous material, if not contained and properly treated.. It has many health affects associated with it and is known to cause unexplained coughing and sickness. This is why it is vital to call a professional for mold remediation and mold removal Toronto.

With the proper certifications and education, professionals, understand the harsh reactions of mold and how to remove it safely. Canada’s Restoration Services has IICRC trained technicians who remove and remediate mold on a daily basis in residential and commercial buildings.

Are you a
Concerned Homeowner?

mold testing Toronto

Typical Home Owners Concerns

How bad is it for my Health?
What is the Procedure?
Finding and Fixing the Source
Time & Costs

mould testing services Toronto

Are you finalizing a
Real Estate Transaction?

mold inspection Toronto

Typical Real Estate Concerns

Do You Offer Warranties?
How Long Does It Take?
What are the Costs?
How do we Fix the Source?

mould inspection Toronto

commercial mould removal Toronto

Commercial Property

Typical Commercial Property Concerns

What are the Health Concerns?
What is the Procedure?
Finding and Fixing the Source
Time & Costs

commercial mold removal

In House Financing Available

In House Financing Available



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