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Is Mold Removal Covered By Insurance?

Mold removal in Toronto can be costly, but depending on the situation, your home insurance may be able to cover the expenses. If a mold outbreak is the resulting damage of a separate incident, your insurance policy could cover for you. Since mold outbreaks and infestations are typically caused by a burst or leaking pipe, or a natural disaster, review your home insurance policy to see if mold removal fees could fall under a water-related property damage case covered by your insurance.Mod

mold remediation services TorontoMold Removal & Insurance in Toronto

Standard home insurance may not cover mold outbreaks and the resulting removal fees as a consequence of flooding. However, if you have flood insurance, it could cover the fees for both removal and mold inspection in Toronto. But your home insurance may cover the damages of other extreme weather events, such as an ice storm that damages your roof and leads to water leakage and consequently mold infestation.  

Your insurance most likely won’t cover mold removal costs if the infestation was caused by negligence, which means the outbreak is a result of ignoring home maintenance issues or repairs. A good example is if you notice that your sink’s pipes are leaking but make no effort to address the issue. As water damage builds up and mold infestation grows, your insurance policy is less likely to cover for you. 

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