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What Are The Costs of Mold Removal?

When outbreaks strike, most property owners have already incurred the expense of water damage in Toronto, which can cause concerns about mold removal costs. Mold removal can range in price depending on various factors. Still, when it comes to remediation, it’s always best to spend on a trusted restoration company in Toronto rather than a mold removal spray or alternative DIY mold removal method. At Canada’s Restoration Services, we offer free visible mold inspections in the Greater Toronto Area to help streamline mold detection and removal. These visible inspections will reduce your overall mold removal costs, making mold remediation in Toronto more affordable. 

What Affects Mold Removal Costs?

The cost of mold removal in Toronto will vary on a case-by-case basis. Each individual job has a specific scope of work that will determine the cost of the remediation. The primary factors that affect restoration costs include the scope of the outbreaks, access to the infested area, materials that are affected, species of mold, the time mold remediation will take, and whether there is visible mold or non-visible mold. 

Factors that affect the scope of work are:

  • How long the removal process will take
  • Amount of affected area that needs to be removed
  • Amount / size of containments needed
  • The amount of equipment needed (ie. Negative air, air scrubbers)

What Are You Paying For?

When you choose Canada’s Restoration Services, the leading restoration company in Toronto and Canada, you choose highly qualified professionals. Our teams are all IICRC-Certified technicians who can help you successfully eliminate all unnatural traces of mold. We use industrial equipment, our expertise, and specialized training to streamline the remediation process so you can return your property quickly. Because we are trained in all areas of restoration, you can trust that our team will know how to navigate other contaminants that are encountered on the way with competency and skill. 

To learn more about mold removal costs, talk to the team of professionals at Canada’s Restoration Services. 

Contact Canada’s Restoration Services today and set up a free inspection on visible mold. We will be able to provide you with a specific scope of work and estimate on your project.


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