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Attic Mold Removal

We are proud to be the only nationwide restoration company to provide up to 25 year warranty for mold removal and remediation (in attics); if allowed to perform the protocol and procedures as well as working with a trusted insulation removal company.

We are Canada's #1 Trusted Restoration Company that you can rely on it to get the job finished, correctly, and ensure that the mold does not return. 

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Many companies have tried various different ways and techniques to address mold in the attic. There is only one correct way to remove the mold, and that is by physically removing it. (According to the 5 Priniciples of Mold Remediation set by IICRC Guidelines).
How to physically remove mold in the attic?
In order to physically remove mold, you must either blast the mold off by "Media Blasting" which consists of Soda Blasting or Dry Ice Blasting, or you can grind the mold off, however, this is when only a small section of the attic is affected.
As you can see by the picture, after the process is complete, the sheathing in the attic looks brand new!
Some Companies will offer to try and sel or cover the mold with paint; however, this does not physically remove the mold, only acts as a 'bandaid'. If you decide to sell your home in the future, Home Inspectors are trained to look for mold and paint will raise red flags. 
Over time, dust and dirt will create a layer over top of the paint or sealant and mold can actually continue to grow on top. 
Other forms of improper attic mold removal are:
  • Fogging. Dead spores can release toxins, and once there is a new source of moisture, the spores can become visable again. The spores need to actually be removed and a hepa vacuum of the effected area is necessary for this to happen.
  • Insulation.  Again, this falls under the encapsulation or covering and only acts as a bandaid; mold will grow back.
If you cover up mold in the attic, it doesn’t make it go away. Often what we can’t see, we allow to get far worse than it should, “out of sight, out of mind”.
As soon as you are aware you have a problem, give us a call right away. We will send one of our fully trained and lisenced project managers to assess the damage and provide a full scope of work and estimate on remediating the mold. We have the expertise and IICRC/Clean Trust Certification training to effectively remove and remediate the mold and ensure it does not grow back.

The correct way to remove mold in the attic:

  1. An inspection by an experienced inspector who is IICRC certified and trained in Mould needs to be done. Thermal imaging is necessary to do a proper and thorough inspection, moisture meters and hygrometers may also be needed. A secondary inspection should be performed by an insulation company in order to help determine the next step:
  2. Identify the source.  Between both the mold specialists and the insulation specialists, we will identify why the mold has grown. Most typical mold sources in the attic are inproper ventilation and insulation as well as roof leaks.
  3. Proper containment needs to be set up as well as negative air machines need to be installed. This seals off the attic and prevents the mold from spreading to the rest of your home.
  4. Media Blasting can now be performed, either by soda blasting or dry ice blasting. This is the only effective way to remove mold from your attic and will get into all of the nooks and crevices that otherwise would never be reached.
  5. Hepa Sandwich is the only way to effectively remove all of the mold spores. This is done by hepa vacuuming your attic, then cleaning and then hepa vacuuming again. This may need to be done several times throughout the entire process. Air scrubbers and negative air machines need to be running which will also aid in the removal of the mold spores.
  6. Insulation Removal. Once the all the mold has been removed from the attic, the contaminated insulation needs to be removed.
  7. Insulation Replacement and Ventilation. Now that the attic is emptied out, proper ventilation can be installed and new, fresh installation can be blow in.
  8. Final Fogging. A final fogging of the attic will be complete to provide a final sealant. Once this is complete all equipment and containments will be removed.
Once these 8 steps have been completed, Canada’s Restoration Services can provide you with a guarantee that the mold has been effectively removed and will not return (as long as a new source is not created, causing new mold growth). 
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Our Teams in Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, Laval, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are fully certified and trained to identify mold in the attic, and give the right recommendations so that the mold growth does not return.

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Customer Service - CRS

Dec 10 2015

Hi Ana, If it is just 1 sheet of plywood in the attic, then it is quite minor and will not cost too much. You could be looking between $800-$1200 based on the extent of the mold. If you would like send us a photo, we can take a better look and provide more accurate ballpark. Feel free to send to and a representative will get back to you right away!

ana grimaldi

Dec 08 2015

i have a meter wide of mould in my attic how much would it b to fix i live in cambridge ont

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