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Canada's Restoration Services - Franchise Opportunities


If you’re reading this it means you have already dreamed about the success you can achieve; Canada’s Restoration Services is offering you the opportunity to do just that, your success is ours to.

Canada’s Restoration Services offers our unique franchise opportunity where it enables you to become your own business owner and be proud to be part of a winning family.

After building a successful company in the last 7 years, establishing best demonstrated practices, relationships with insurance companies and property management’s nationwide. We are ready to grow further.

We have the tools in place to grow with new franchises.

Canada’s Restoration Services offers emergency services for water, fire and mold damage, with current co-operate offices in:

  • GTA
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal
  • Edmonton
  • Vancouver

We are now growing through franchises all over the country.

The Restoration Industry is continually growing and our services are always needed;

  • Insurance and Private work
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Water Damage due to bad infrastructure, nature or human error.

Your very own location can be up set up and leads will come within days and our franchise training team, will guide you through the set up and be here for you whenever you need.


What are the Benefits of Canada’s Restoration Services Franchise Opportunity?


  • You will be asked to join one of our running co-operate branches or franchise offices for a required period which will allow you to learn the companies policies and procedures.
  • At any given moment, you will always have someone to consult with when you encounter a new scenario. Why try and re-invent the wheel when we have the combined knowledge to help?


  • CRM – our own custom software that fills all our needs: customer relations, estimating, invoicing, network relationship, management, reports and more.
  • CRS App – best in class app which includes communication methods, GPS Tracking, Training and much more. It has proven to increase the net profit in each branch.


  • Our customer service team answers all incoming calls and communicates with customers. They handle the intake of leads to the booking of inspection, branch support and much more.
  • Each branch can directly contact anyone in the head office of the company when they need at any time.


  • One of the most important drivers to growth; Our Head Office will manage all the marketing requirements for all branches; this is beyond the local day to day efforts you perform across the country.


  • The investment cost ranges from $50,000 – $100,000. This includes the franchise purchase and the local operational requirements (van, equipment, training, and marketing.) 
  • If needed, we work with 3rd party financing companies that will help you reach your dream.


  • Having experience in the industry is a huge asset, however that being said, being an employee is different than being your own boss.
  • We will give the proper training in cases were experience is low.


To start the process, you must fill out a web application form. If you meet our minimum requirements, you will be contacted to schedule a conference call with the CEO of the company to move to the next step of becoming part of Canada’s Restoration Services.


 Your purchase franchisee includes, but is not limited to:

  • The use of the our brand,  name, websites, and trademarks
  • A comprehensive “on board“ training program
  • Access to our app that gives;
  • Training & Operations Manual
  • Checklists for set up and jobs
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Promotional materials/clothing for sales and branding


What we look for in a Franchisee?

We are looking for motivated individuals that are hard wired with an entrepreneurial drive.  The learning curve is steep when jumping feet first into a new trade; therefore, what we look for in a franchisee is someone who:

  1. Has a passion to succeed
  2. Shares our cooperate values
  3. Great people skills
  4. Experience in sales, and project management is an advantage


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