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How Is Air Testing Performed?

There are three types of mold testing that are used in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada around the time of a mold inspection. Air quality testing is used to assess, as the name suggests, the indoor air quality of public, commercial, or residential buildings. When a mold inspection finds visible mold, it’s clear that mold removal in Toronto will be required. But air quality testing will give more insight into how effective remediation results are after removal. 

Since mold spores exist naturally outdoors, they will inevitably travel through the air of our indoor spaces. Air quality testing will tell mold removal technicians at Canada’s Restoration Services whether there is a high concentration of mold in the air, indicating whether another mold outbreak will occur or is still hiding somewhere within the property. 

mold inspection servicesHow Is Air Quality Testing Performed?

The mold levels inside should reflect the concentrations of mold outdoors. So air quality testing starts with taking an outdoor air sample as a control sample. Depending on where you’re located and the conditions, the amount of mold in the air outside varies, so the measurement calculated at this point will serve as a base reference to compare the indoor air quality results. 

What Doesn’t Air Quality Testing Tell Us? 

Air quality testing doesn’t tell us where exactly mold is on your property. To get the answers to these questions, a or other types of mold testing in Toronto (e.g. lift tape sample testing) are better suited.

When to Get a Mold Inspection and Testing?

  • If you have recently experienced a water damage incident - flood, leak, storm etc., air quality testing within 24 hours is great for early detection of heightened mold levels. 
  • If you notice a pungent musty odour inside, which you can’t get rid of, mold is typically the cause, and it can be identified with a mold inspection and mold testing. 
  • If you have been experiencing allergy-like symptoms - skin/eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, headaches, that you can’t find an explanation for, mold’s health complications are often undiagnosed. 

Mold detection via mold inspections and air quality testing is key to fast and successful mold remediation. If you have any questions about whether mold is a problem around your property or how to get the best mold removal results, contact Canada’s Restoration Services Today.


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