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Buying and Selling a Home with Mold | Mold Inspection

Did you recently have a home inspection and mold was found?

Is the mold found in your home inspection preventing a sale transaction?

Is it safe to purchase a property where mold was found in the home inspection?

How much does it cost to remove mold that was found in a home inspection?

If you have asked yourself one of the questions above, don’t fret – mold is commonly found in home inspections and you are not alone. If mold is found, it can deter a potential buyer from purchasing; but keep in mind, as long as it is removed properly by a professional mold removal company with a certificate to prove, everything will be okay.

Since the season of real estate is quickly approaching, we wanted to take the time to raise awareness of mold growth and what to look for when you are either selling or buying a home.

Selling a Home

If you are thinking of selling your home, we highly suggest bringing in a home inspector first to identify if there are any underlying issues that you should be aware. Home inspectors are trained to look for any mold growth; so in taking this first step, it will allow you to remove and remedy the issue before listing your home. This will make the sale transaction much smoother and cause fewer headaches!

Buying a Home

Always ensure to get a home inspection before buying a property; you do not want any surprises within the first few weeks of living in your new home. If mold growth is found– it will allow you time to address with the current homeowners and not leave you out of pocket to fix. Depending on the extent of the mold growth, it should not deter you from buying your dream home; just understand that it is very important to hire the right company to remove and fix its source.

What to do if you find mold in a Home Inspection

If mold is found in a home inspection, remember one simple thing – call Canada’s Restoration Services. We have years of experience and training when it comes to safe and proper mold remediation and mold removal. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded and perform all mold remediation according to industry standards.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, we provide the necessary report and estimate to save the sale. For a one-time Inspection Report Fee, a dedicated project manager will:

  • Inspect the property for mold growth
  • Identify the source of the mold growth
  • Provide a detailed report with pictures and findings of the situation and
  • Provide a quote on the safe mold remediation

We understand that a report may be necessary for negotiation purposes of the sale; that is why we take the time to put together a detailed report, photo’s to support our findings and what the source of the mold growth is.

If our services are used to complete the mold remediation, we will deduct the inspection fee cost and provide you with a certificate of mold removal that is transferrable with the home.

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Common areas where mold may be found in your Home

The number one area where mold is commonly found when it comes to buying or selling a house is in the attic. The attic is an area of the home that we are not usually in and don’t think to check it. Often times there is insufficient ventilation and insulation in the attic which causes condensation to form in the attic; which gives mold prime location to grow.

Other common areas of mold growth are:

  • Mold in crawl space
  • Mold in the cold cellar
  • Mold in bathrooms
  • Mold in basement

Don’t let mold affect the sale of your home.
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