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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Removal Services?

We understand that many homeowners and business owners do not plan or budget for mold removal services and the GTA. Mold removal or mold remediation can be an expensive process. Whether or not mold is covered by insurance is a question that many ask and are unsure of.

Understanding your own policy is very important to know whether you are covered for mold issues. Basic homeowner insurance policy excludes the coverage of damage caused by mold growth. Some policies will cover damages if it can be associated to an actual loss that was covered and the mold is a result of that loss (for example – big water damage causing mold). Coverage is mainly dependent on the source of the moisture and the cause of the growth.

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Mold Removal & Insurance Claims

To learn more about your coverage, you must contact your insurance company.  Some insurance companies do have a clause for Mold but usually cap it at $10,000. Our mold removal experts would be happy to assist with any inquiries or questions you may have regarding mold and insurance coverage and any restoration related inquiries. At Canada's Restoration Services, we work with every insurance company across Canada. Building trusted relationships with these insurance companies make it easier and quicker for our customers to receive the help and support they require. 

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Covered Perils & Property Insurance for Mold Removal

Whether mold removal for your residential or commercial property is covered by your insurance company in the GTA is dependent on your provider. In most cases, mold insurance is not a stipulation in policies since it usually is a symptom of water damage, be it leaks, storms, burst pipes, flood, or sewage backups. It is more common that water damage restoration is covered by your insurance and as a result, mold removal can be included in your coverage to account for water damage cleanup and repair. 

Typically insurance policies will cover the following as they relate to mold removal in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada. 

  • Acts of God or Natural Disaster (Extreme Storms, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornados, etc.)
  • Burst Pipes 

If the cause of water damage or mold is said to be a result of negligence or human error, it is more likely that your homeowners’ insurance will not cover the cost of mold remediation. 

When you come to Canada’s Restoration Services for mold removal in Toronto, Mississauga, Edmonton, Montreal or another major Canadian city, our team will communicate with your insurance provider and liaise with you to streamline to help you navigate and manage the insurance side of your mold removal.

The costs of mold removal vary depending on three factors: 

  • where the mold is located 
  • the amount of mold there is 
  • how far the mold extends in the affected area(s)

Canada's Restoration Services is an IICRC certified firm with highly trained mold experts. We provide free mold inspections. Mold inspections can cost up to $600 and can be a heavy burden on you and your family. At Canada's Restoration Services, we provide nationwide and affordable pricing. 

A professional and certified mold removal company must have pollution liability and have to follow strict guidelines and training. These factors are the main reasons why a professional and certified mold removal company can be more costly than the average 'handyman.' When choosing a mold removal company, be sure that they have the proper insurance and training. Hiring a handyman can result in major cross-contamination throughout your property and thereby, it is crucial to choose an experienced and professional mold removal company. 


Mold and Home Owners Insurance 

Insurance companies have been approached to cover mold, but the fact that it's hard to determine how and what is the actual effect of mold on each individual is one of the reasons Mold is not covered by insurance.

The best way to protect yourself is to know how mold can be prevented. Be sure to:

  • Reduce indoor humidity by using dehumidifiers 
  • Make sure that every exhaust fans in your bathrooms are connected and exhausting outside
  • Ensure that there is enough or not too much insulation in your attic
  • Make sure that there is sufficient airflow throughout your home
  • Be sure that the soffits in your attic are not blocked

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