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Is Mold covered by Insurance

Mold removal or remediation can be a expensive process. Whether mold is covered by insurance is a question that many ask and are unsure of. Understanding your own policy is very important to know whether you are covered for mold issues. Basic home owner insurance policy excludes the coverage of damage caused by mold growth. Some policies will cover damages if it can be associated to an actual loss that was covered and the mold is a result of that loss (for example – a big water damage causing mold). Coverage is mainly dependent on the source of the moisture and the cause of the growth. Mould Remediation

Some insurance companies do have a clause for Mold but usually cap it at $10,000.
Not only will Canada's Restoration Services  help identify the source  & guide you before you make the call to the insurance company but we can offer you financing if needed since  most likely the insurance policy will not respond to a mold problem.  click here to view our financing options. 
Understanding the reasons for Mold removal being expensive is important. Professional Restoration Companies can have higher costs than the average "handyman" for mold removal. This is due to the specific insurance policy they must have. A professional and certified mold removal company must have pollution liability and have to follow strict guidelines and training. These factors are the main reasons why a professional and certified mold removal company are generally more expensive than the average 'handyman.' When choosing a mold removal company, be sure that they have the proper insurance and training. Hiring a handyman can result in major cross contamination throughout your property so it is very important to hire a professional mold removal company.
Mold Removal Toronto
  Mold on Sheething
Insurance companies have been approached to cover mold, but the fact that its hard to determine how and what is the actual affect of mold on each individual is one of the reasons Mold is not covered by insurance.
The best way to protect yourselves is to know how Mold can be prevented. Be sure to:
  • Reduce indoor humidity by using dehumidifiers 
  • Make sure that every exhaust fans in your bathrooms are connected and exhausting outside
  • Ensure that there is enough or not too much insulation in your attic
  • Make sure that there is sufficient air flow throughout your home
  • Be sure that the soffits in your attic are not blocked

If your suspect that you have mold, don't hesitate. Give us a call at 1-888-551-0514 and we will direct you in the right path. We perform FREE mold inspections on all visible mold growth.



Customer Service - CRS

Nov 09 2015

Hi Barb, If the mold growth was not pre-existing and was caused by the water damage then sometimes Insurance will pay for it. If you are experiencing a Water Damage, give us a call so we can properly scope out the issue and stop the leak as quickly as possible. The faster that the water damage is cleaned and dried up, then the less chance for mold growth. 

Barb Tierney

Nov 05 2015

So if I had a water damage paid for by insurance then mold was found after there's a chance insurance will pay for it?. Also do you provide a certificate to say that the mold has been remediated?.

Sam Arnold

Oct 18 2015

If you ever need a company to help you with an insurance claim and Mold call these guys. We didn't know what to do; the adjuster told us on the phone it will not be covered, we panicked because we had a lot of mold behind the dry wall in 3 rooms . When CRS came, they found the source that enabled me to go back to my insurance and they agreed to pay it under a "water damage" claim. Mold problem , call this mold removal company.

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