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What Are The Methods to Remove Mold?

There are several different options for removing mold, all depending on where it is growing and what type of mold it is.
Anytime mold is growing on organic material it must be physically removed.
a) Drywall
b) Wood Structures/ Studs
c) Panelling

According to the IICRC Guidlines (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration);
“Physically removing mold contamination is the primary means of remediation. Mold contamination should be physically removed from the structure, systems and contents to return them to Condition 1. Attempts to kill, encapsulate or inhibit mold instead of proper source removal generally are not adequate.”

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Standards

Physical means of removing mold consist of;
a) Full removal of material (cutting out affected drywall)
b) Soda Blasting
c) Grinding

Depending on what materials the mold is growing on will determine the best way of removing it. Mold on drywall and mold on plaster will be fully removed even including 2 feet around the affected area to ensure all mold growth is removed.
Mold in Attics is removed by Soda blasting, which blasts the mold off the sheathing and studs to ensure mold removal services get down to the root.

Watch our video on how we remediate mold in attics:

When mold is growing on non-organic material or is just a surface mold, using a mold control product or hot water and soap can be sufficient.
a) Bathtubs
b) Sinks
c) Window Sills

Another very common area for mold to grow is in the shower/bath tub grout or caulking. Because the bathroom is a damp space is it very important to have a fan that is in working order and anytime a shower is used, make sure the fan is left on for ½ hour to an hour. Sometimes this can be cleaned up by yourself but to be safe, contact Canada’s Restoration Services first!

It is very important when dealing with mold to consult a certified company before removing any mold. We are fully trained in all aspects of dealing with mold and remediation and are here to answer all your mold questions!


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