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How Can I Reduce Mold Growth?

Mold is a finicky intruder. To reduce the growth of mold, you'll need to completely eradicate it with effective mold removal in Toronto. After removing mold from your residential and commercial property, you can take precautions to reduce the chance of a returning mold outbreak. 

mold removal servicesStep One: Assess the Scope of Mold 

During a professional mold inspection, technicians will carefully investigate the source and scope of a mold indoors. So that no contaminated areas are missed. If a mold inspection is not comprehensive or this step is skipped, no matter how hard you try, mold will likely return quickly because it wasn't all discovered prior to mold removal. 

Step Two: Manage Moisture & Air Flow

The main reasons mold spores settle and grow indoors are due to excess moisture and low ventilation that traps humid air and spores inside cellulose-rich rooms like the attic, basement, and bathrooms. Control moisture by getting water damage restoration when there are leaks and floods. Use hydrometers to measure indoor humidity and dehumidifiers to reduce excess moisture. 

Step Three: Professional Mold Removal Services

To get mold out, you need to control mold. Mold removal in Toronto is the best way to successfully free your property from an infestation. Do-it-yourself techniques can offer short-term relief from mold, but it will ultimately return in a short period of time, contaminating indoor air quality and hurting your property. 

To understand your risk of mold and find any hidden mold outbreaks on your property, pay attention to the moisture levels inside and make a note of any unusual earthy odours.

Call Canada's Restoration Services for a free mould inspection if your property has recently experienced a leak, flood, or sewage backup. 


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