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Mushrooms Growing in Your Home

Mushrooms growing in your home sounds silly but believe it or not, it can happen. Mushrooms grow in environments that have moisture, low light, and humid environments. Mushrooms are a fungus, just like mold, and require the same key ingredients to grow but an excessive amount of water. Poor ventilation, leaking pipes, and water intrusion all cause a build-up of moisture inside your property. When water damage in Toronto or anywhere in Canada is not addressed urgently, it leads to mold growth and, eventually, mushrooms, which can be dangerous in large quantities. However, we do not advise homeowners to remove mushrooms by pulling them out - this is only a temporary fix. When mold enters your property, eliminate it with reliable mold removal in Toronto with the leading IICRC-certified team at Canada's Restoration Services.

When mold infestations escalate, they can evolve into mushrooms which take over your home. It may seem whimsical, but mushroom growth is a serious issue, the cause of which needs to be addressed immediately.  


What Causes Mushroom Growth Indoors? 

Mushrooms are a symptom of a problem. When moisture from water leaks, poor ventilation, or other forms of water damage attract mold spores, they quickly develop into colonies and infestations within 24 to 48 hours. As the infestations advance further they can develop into mushrooms. Mold can develop into mushrooms very quickly, taking anywhere from 1 to 4 days to form. 

Are Indoor Mushrooms Dangerous?

mushroom and mold removalWhen mushrooms are a product of mold, yes, they can be harmful to the people living, working, or visiting your home. This is because mold spores release mycotoxins. When people come into contact with these mycotoxins they will often feel the effects in their body. If mushrooms are visible, then it most likely means that mold is hiding underneath where it is growing and unfortunately it can be the toxic black mold - stachybotrys. In fact, many people have a predisposition that makes them more sensitive to the health effects of mold. 

Some symptoms of mold exposure from mushrooms include:

  • Headaches 
  • Nausea 
  • Rashes 
  • Asthma, Wheezing, Difficulty Breathing
  • Eye-Irritation 
  • Sneezing, Coughing

Why Are Mushrooms Growing Inside My Home

Have you found mushrooms growing in your home? The causes of mushroom growth in homes are varied, but it can be quite frightening if you did not expect to see them there. It is important to determine the cause of the growth and correct them by scheduling mold removal in Toronto.

  • Moisture: The most common reason for mushrooms growing in a home is moisture. There are several areas that may be affected by excess moisture, such as a leaky roof or plumbing. However, mushrooms may start growing if an area is flooded and then left to dry up.
  • Lack of air circulation: poor airflow, allowing humidity to build up in one area. If there has been water damage, fungi can enter through cracks and open windows. Also, if there are any airborne spores nearby, they could enter via the same route.
  • Leaky pipes: If you have a leaky pipe anywhere in your home, mold, and mushrooms can grow on the moisture seeping through your foundation. To prevent this, keep an eye out for water around your drains and repair any leaks immediately – a simple fix like tightening a loose-fitting can stop future problems from occurring.
  • Poor ventilation: If your home doesn’t have proper ventilation, moisture from the air will collect on walls and ceilings. If the moisture remains for too long, it may start to cause damage and lead to mold growth, which could cause you to need a foundation repair in the future.
  • High humidity Areas: Basements are naturally humid because of their close proximity to the earth.

What to Do If You Find Mushrooms Indoors?

mushroom and mold inspectionLike mold, mushrooms are living organisms and have a root. Plucking it out will only allow it to grow right back; just like those annoying dandelions.

A certified mold restoration company is required to come in and prepare a safe scope of work not only to remove the mushrooms and mold but also identify why it is growing and prepare corrective actions to ensure it does not grow back.

Beware Of The Moisture In Your Home 

In the winter, moisture can damage your home and cause your family to get sick. In the summer, moisture can cause a musty odor and nasty fungus - like mold and mushrooms - to grow in your home, requiring you to pay for mold removal services in Toronto.

The best way to prevent moisture damage is to fix any broken pipes, leaky windows, or cracks in your walls. If the damage is extensive, you may need to replace drywall, flooring, carpet, ceilings, walls, or even an entire room. If you don’t remove the damaged structure, keeping mold and mushrooms away from your home will be difficult. But once you have made the proper fixes, you still need to do things to prevent moisture from settling in your home and prevent mold growth. 

After you have removed and replaced the damaged area of your home, you will next need to tackle the moisture issue immediately, or you will require professional mold removal in Toronto. Mold needs moisture to grow and multiply. Removing moisture from your home will help prevent mold from coming back. You can do this by using dehumidifiers and whole-house fans.

If you spot mushrooms growing, give us a call right away. Our dedicated customer service will arrange for a free visible inspection to offset mold removal costs where a certified project manager will attend the site and inspect. We will identify the source and provide you a detailed scope of work and estimate to remediate the areas affected.



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