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Attic Mold Removal Toronto

At Canada's Restoration Services, we provide a 5 year warranty for mold removal and remediation in your attic.* Mold removal in Toronto is the solution to all mold problems inside your home. Homeowners should be aware that finding the source is the most important part of the mold remediation process. If the source is not fixed, the mold will return.At Canada's Restoration Services, we focus on using the right equipment handled by our mold professionals, to remove all traces of mold. We focus on removing mold in the attic by using media blasting.

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attic mold removal TorontoAs the climate and weather conditions throughout the Greater Toronto Area fluctuate from season to season, attic mold removal in Toronto is required more frequently. Rain, moisture, ice, and heat cause a build up of condensation in the attics of residential and commercial properties making it increasingly vulnerable to mold outbreaks. In addition to moisture, attics often need mold removal in Toronto because they are loaded with cellulose or organic material that acts as a food source for mold spores. Without adequate ventilation, the combination of moisture and cellulose increase the probability of mold infestations. Annual mold inspections in Toronto help give property owners insight into what is happening in their attic which is otherwise out of sight. With a comprehensive inspection, mold removal in Toronto can begin early to stop the outbreaks from becoming too extensive.  

Attic conditions such as humidity, wood sheeting, and often a lack of sufficient air flow, provide a comfortable environment for mold to grow.

Most Common Conditions that Lead to Mold Outbreaks 

  • Minimal Attic Ventilation 
  • Contaminated, Excess, or Missing Attic Insulation
  • Improper Installation or Missing Bathroom Vents
  • Attic Roof Leaks or Ice Damming

How to Prevent Attic Mold 

Prevention is better than cure, so it's better to prevent mold growth in attics than to try to remove it after it has become a problem. It's always best to contact professionall and certified mold removal services to avoid the dangers of DIY black mold removal. To help you keep your attic mold-free, here is some advice on how to prevent mold growth in the first place.

  • Minimal difference in exterior and interior temperature - The first thing to consider when preventing mold growth is the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of your home. The ideal temperature difference is about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but if it is too large, there will be condensation and mold growth in your attic.
  • Insulation - Attic insulation should keep the temperature in your attic close to that of outside air. In winter, you should be able to keep the temperature of your attic at or near the outside air temperature by keeping your thermostat set at a low setting. In addition to keeping the temperature at an appropriate level, proper insulation must prevent heat transfer from one place to another.
  • Check for blocked ventilation - The moisture levels in your attic increase without adequate ventilation, which causes attic mold growth. Please ensure your home has reasonable attic ventilation to prevent excessive moisture build-up. Insulation should not be placed over vents, and if it is, it should be removed. There are many ways to improve attic ventilation so you can consult a specialist.
  • Roof Leaks - To prevent mold growth in the attic, check for roof leaks regularly and make sure that insulation and wood are not discolored by water damage. Also, please make sure to check around plumbing stacks for signs of water intrusion.

Process for Attic Mold Removal in Toronto:

  1. Mold experts will start by containing the area.
  2. Furniture and floors that are in close proximity to the attic will be covered & protected
  3. Media blasting – ice blasting or soda blasting -  will follow; the best proven method to remove mold in the attic.
  4. Insulation will be replaced if required
  5. Find the source of the mold & fix it.
  6. Seal the attic – the attic should not be part of the building envelope; instead, it should be sealed off completely with no air flow to and from the house, which will prevent mold from growing again.

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