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What Happens If You Stay In a House with Black Mold?

If you stay in a house with black mold, you risk becoming seriously ill, as black mold is toxic. Without black mold removal, you may develop respiratory issues and other serious health symptoms. If you recognize black mold in your home, call our certified contractors to conduct immediate mold removal  in Toronto. Mold removal is imperative to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and to protect your home from decay.

How Long Does It Take Black Mold to Make You Sick

black mold removal TorontoMold exposure can generally lead to illness. Mainly if the black mold is of the Stachybotrys chartarum species, it may release mycotoxins which can lead to mold poisoning. Black mold removal is necessary to prevent harm to your health. If you fear being exposed to black mold, ask your doctor to refer you for a blood serum antibody testing to help identify if this is the case.

Professional Mold Removal in Toronto

Professional mold removal in Toronto will ensure that all the mold is thoroughly cleared from your home. Professionals are also trained and skilled at mold removal and will be able to prevent the further spread of mold. Canada's Restoration Services will have their technicians send mold samples for third-party testing, assess the full extent of the mold infestation, and then begin work on remediation. 

Canada's Restoration Services for Mold Removal

Canada's Restoration Services is an industry leading restoration company in Toronto and throughout Canada. Our teams offer quick and effective solutions to ensure the mold will be thoroughly cleaned and identify the source.

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