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Does An Air Quality Test Need To Be Performed In The Attic After The Mold Is Removed?

Despite the attic not being considered a living space, it’s just as important, if not more, to ensure attic mold removal in Toronto is as thorough as possible, starting with a professional mold inspection in Toronto. While out of sight, the attic plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal conditions within the home - a harmony that the intrusion of attic mold or insufficient mold removal in Toronto can leave out of balance. As mold spores invade the attic, they quickly feast on insulation and wooden rafters resulting in a decline in climate regulation and compromising the indoor air quality. If mold isn’t sufficiently removed or a mold inspection is not conducted following remediation, the adverse effects of infestation will likely continue and worsen.

mold testing TorontoAir Quality Testing & Visible Mold

Generally speaking, air quality testing is not needed for instances of visible mold. Still, it can help identify any cross-contamination or potential for cross-contamination that can occur as a result of circulating air indoors that would not be otherwise detectable through visible mold inspections in Toronto. 

At Canada’s Restoration Services, we urge all of our customers to be as thorough as possible when dealing with mold remediation. From inspections and testing to remediation and cleanup, the more comprehensive and meticulous the approach from the start, the better your chances of preventing future occurrences of mold in Toronto.


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