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Why Does Mold Grow in the Attic?

One of the most common places that require mold removal in Toronto is required is in the attic. Unfortunately, it usually isn’t until professional mold remediation services show up that attic mold detection and removal occurs because of limited access to the attic. Out-of-sight attic mold in Toronto means that infestations can grow uninterrupted, often becoming large and unmanageable for the average property owner. 

mold remediation services TorontoConditions that Lead to Attic Mold

The reason mold spores are drawn to the attic is because of the presence of multiple elements mold requires to sustain itself. Low ventilation, humidity/moisture, cellulose, and heat are all ample in attic or roof cavities, especially when mold inspections are not leveraged on a regular basis. 

  • Moisture: Attics are prone to leaks and water damage due to roof damage. 
  • Heat: Since heat rises, attics are typically much hotter than other areas of a house. 
  • Ventilation: a lack of proper roof ventilation traps heat in roof cavities, retaining heat and stale air. 
  • Cellulose: Wood and insulation made with organic materials create a feeding source for mold spores.  

Attics present the perfect storm of all the factors conducive to an outbreak, facilitating infestations. Professional mold removal in Toronto attics is necessary to reverse the adverse effects of indoor air quality and prevent contamination of other areas of the property.

Mold inspections are key to attic mold detection and removal. Mold removal specialists can assess the scope and source of an outbreak to ensure that remediation efforts are successful. Using 3rd party mold testing in Toronto, the IICRC certified team at Canada’s Restoration Services ensures that your property is safe for reoccupation after Toronto mold removal.

Schedule a mold inspection with Canada's Restoration Services to find out if attic mold is a problem in your home.


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