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Mold Removal Richmond

Mold Removal Richmond

Mold is a harmful bacteria that is constantly in our air and that is around us. It is a part of our eco-system and can never be 100% removed. There are various types and levels that our bodies are naturally built to handle and are not vulnerable to mold. However, there are certain limits and conditions when mold becomes harmful.

Mold spores travel through the air by attaching themselves with dust particles. Homes with mold problems typically have high levels of dust throughout. Once moisture is present, it gives the mold spore the perfect environment to spread and grow. By dusting, and opening your windows as often as possible, allows for mold control.
Only mold professionals should handle the removal of any mold growth. Whether the growth is on drywall, wood, or cement. The worst possible action would be disturbing the fungi, and not properly containing the area. Should the area not be contained, cross contamination may occur and the property owner now have a larger problem than at the beginning. Professionals understand the importance of containing all vents and any air passages to ensure the health and safety of the occupants.
Should mold not be visibly present, but you suspect that mold is present, the only way to identify mold is through air quality samples or swap tests. We are experts in air quality and we ensure that the air you breathe is safe and clean. The quality of service that we provide to clients is above from any other organization. We pride in standing out and we pride in not just providing remediation services, but getting your home safe and healthy. No restoration or remediation organization that removes mold should test for mold. By testing your own work is a conflict of interest. By using third party environmental companies, we guarantee 100% mold removal.
Mold is a type of fungi that exists both outdoors and indoors. It is invisible to the naked eye, until it begins to multiply on organic surfaces. By emitting spores into the air, mold landings on any organic material to start growth. However, organic material alone does not promote growth. Any moist material that is in a dark, low airflow, will grow mold. This typically means the area behind shelving units, storage areas, drywall behind tiles.  
So before mold starts taking over your home, give us a call to remediate the situation. 
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In House Financing Available



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