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Black Toxic Mold

Black Mold usually begins after a water damage occurrence or water leak that has not been treated properly.Black Mold can be found on organic materials, with humidity above 55%. Wet materials provide black mould with the opportunity to grow.Black Mold Removal should only be completed by a certified mold removal company. The levels of toxins th at this mold produce can be extremely dangerous to ones health if not removed of properly and safely.

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Image of Blackmold, Black Mold Services, Mold, Dangers of Mold, Safe Mold Services, Restoration, ContractorsCanada’s Restoration Servicesis an IICRCcertified licensed company that specializes in safe mold removal & mold remediation. Remediation of black mold is a process that must follow specific guidelines. Our mold experts guarantee no cross-contamination and 100% mold clearance of all affected areas. 


Black Mold Removal Process:

1. Call the #1 Mold Experts: We will perform a free inspection on any visible mold and will arrange a third party testing, if required. 

2. Detailed Scope of Work & Estimate: Our mold specialists will work hard to ensure that you and your family are aware of what is occurring inside your home. A breakdown of an estimate will be provided as well. We will ensure that you and your family feel comfortable and safe and will walk you through the exact steps of the mold removal process. 

3. Black Mould Remediation:  All areas affected will be contained and equipment will be running to avoid cross-contamination with the other areas of the house. The specialized technicians will be protected from head to toe wearing personal protective equipment.

Once the areas are contained, the mold removal process will begin. All affected building materials will be removed and cleaned. The affected waste will be disposed and sealed in industry approved bags.

A hepa vacuum and antimicrobial wipe down will be performed in all areas.

All equipment and containment will remain for 24-48 hours after or until deemed clear by 3rd party testing.

4. Mold Removal Certificate: A mold removal certificate will be provided to you once the process is complete. This certificate is transferable if you plan on selling the property.

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