Tenant rights when dealing with mold

We have numerous of calls from tenants who have found some mold in their unit and want it removed. Some have great landlords who hire the right contractor to safely remove mold, but some have landlords who want to find the cheapest solution, and hire a handyman, painter or try and remove it themselves to save a dollar or two.

Many landlords will also attempt to rid themselves from being liable of the cost to remove and remediate mold by blaming the tenant for being at fault. Determining who’s at fault for mold growth can nearly be impossible. The source or cause of the mold growth can be determined by the living conditions and needs to be fixed or addressed to ensure no more mold growth or future mold growth occurs.

When dealing with those harder to deal with landlords that do not want to do anything, we as a professional company, cannot enter the property nor can we do any work in the home without the property owner’s permission. When confronted with such situation we recommend the tenant to their provincial laws and regulation regarding tenant and landlord. In every province the laws between a Tenant and a Landlord vary. For those in Ontario, you can find the answers to most of your questions at: http://www.ltb.gov.on.ca/en/Key_Information/STEL02_111232.html.

So if you do have mold, and your landlord is willing to comply and hire the right professional to remove mold, give us a call and we’ll get your home back and give you clean air to breathe.

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