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Steps to Successful Water Damage Restoration

When you’ve experienced water damage and need flooded basement cleanup in Toronto and the GTA, time is of the essence. But for successful water damage restoration Toronto and flood cleanup, it’s more than just speed. You’ll also need the right tools, skills, and approach. It’s essential that water damage cleanup efforts are thoroughly and appropriately executed, or else you risk frustrating secondary damage like wood rot, electrical damage and mold infestation. 

When you choose Canada’s Restoration Services for water damage and flooded basement cleanup in Toronto, you have all the skills and expertise you need in one team. We’ll take care of every part of the restoration process, including mold inspections and mold removal in Toronto too!

Here are the steps to successful water damage restoration in Toronto.

Step 1: Know the Signs 

While sometimes water damage is an evident leak or sewage back up in the basement, other times it’s hidden in the walls, floors, attic, or ceiling, making it difficult to identify. Recognize peeling paint, excess humidity, and mold are all indicators of water damage somewhere in your home. 

Step 2: React Appropriately 

The right reaction will determine the success or failure of your flooded basement cleanup or water damage restoration efforts. Instead of trying to remove and restore water damage yourself, choose an IICRC restoration company in Toronto with good reviews. A good reaction is a fast reaction. The sooner you contact a trusted restoration company, the sooner water damage and flooded basement cleanup can begin.

Step 3: Identify & Contain 

In most cases, the source of water damage is obvious. However, on occasion, the origin is less easy to track down. For water damage to be stopped effectively, the source must be identified and the flow of water must be stopped. Using industry expertise and water damage detection equipment we will assess the contaminated materials and stop the source of the leak. 

Step 4: Salvage Belongings 

As belongings and building materials become contaminated and water logged, we will begin to pump out the water and sort through materials in the areas into two categories - salvageable and non salvageable. Any items that cannot be restored will be appropriately disposed of, while those that are saved will be tested for contamination. Contamination testing is especially important during sewage backup cleanup and flooded basement cleanup, where the water likely carries virus, disease, and bacteria. If contaminated, we will begin sanitization.

Step 5: Restore Your Space

We use only the most advanced and effective professional equipment for water damage restoration in Toronto. Water is collected, pumped, and removed from the premises. Powerful dehumidifiers are strategically placed to provide high-velocity air movement throughout the affected area. Once the premise is completely dry, and all infected materials are removed, the restoration process will begin. We will also conduct mold inspections to ensure that there is no need for mold removal in Toronto due to the water leak, flood, or backup.

Our sole objective will now be to restore the water-damaged area to its original condition, guaranteeing that you, the customer, are completely satisfied with our work!

Step 6: A Dry Property 

After restoration and cleanup are complete with help from the water damage professionals at Canada’s Restoration Services, you can be comfortable on your property. 

We'll respond for all water damage cleanup in the Greater Toronto Area in 45 minutes or less. 

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