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Mold Removal North York

Homeowners who require mold removal in North York can rely on the professionals at Canada’s Restoration Services for effective removal of mold, regardless of the scope of the infiltration.

Our experienced, certified IICRC technicians provide both mold removal and mold remediation in North York. We eliminate hazardous mold growth and mold spores from buildings and homes.

Canada’s Restoration Services works alongside third party mold experts in order to avoid any appearance of potential conflict-of-interest. This ensures total objectivity and impartiality.

Our objective at CRS is to ensure complete mold removal in Toronto and the surrounding neighbourhoods, with no trace of mold or spores. As such, we use equipment that ranges from air scrubbers to negative air machines, to thermal cameras.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Professional Mold Remediation

With all of the potential health hazards associated with mold, Canada's Restoration Services is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction. We understand the inherent dangers of a mold outbreak, and therefore provide a comprehensive approach to removal and remediation.       

The Basics of Mold Removal

Professional mold removal ensures the complete elimination of mold and mold spores. At the same time, the root cause of the outbreak must be identified and remedied. Whether it’s due to moisture accumulation, or inadequate air ventilation, the cause of mold must be addressed. It’s also not uncommon for mold to create structural damage, which will require proper repairs.

The Need for Mold Removal

Mold can be quite tricky – and a full outbreak can hide well out of sight, like with attic mold removal. This is not the right time for a DIY approach. It’s the time for professional mold removal, particularly with the potential health risks to occupants. While health effects differ from individual to individual, there is cause for concern when symptoms arise. With mold, comprehensive elimination is the only approach.

A Comprehensive 6-Step Process from the Mold Specialists at CRS

At Canada’s Restoration Services, we follow a strict 6-step process to ensure the safest, most effective mold removal. Our in-house technicians are IICRC certified and highly experienced.

  • Mold Inspections: Inspection allows our team of specialists to assess the source and scope of an affected area. For our customers in North York, we provide a completely FREE visual inspection of the property.

  • Air Testing: While we don’t perform air testing, we do recommend a third-party service provider to do your Air Quality Testing (impartial and objective). Our professionals will advise if it will be necessary.

  • Scope of Work: We provide a detailed scope of work, which would include the step-by-step process undertaken to perform mold removal. We also provide an accurate price estimate of associated costs.

  • Mold Removal: We guarantee the complete removal of mold, with a job schedule that can last a few days or more. All depending on the severity of the outbreak, mold removal entails the entire affected area.

  • Clearance: Clearances (second and third party) can be provided to support the efficacy of mold removal. Based on our guarantee of service, we want customers to have a feeling of security and safety.

  • Mold Restoration: Once mold removal has been completed, our construction department will undertake to restore and/or rebuild the entirety of the affected area. We do our best to restore to original condition.

For Mold Removal Services in North York Choose Canada's Restoration Services

At Canada's Restoration Services, certified professionals provide mold remediation in North York and throughout the GTA. We have a special division that operates around the clock to resolve all types of mold-related issues, from basement and bathroom to attic mold removal. Find out more about our mold removal costs by calling one of our in-house experts directly at 1-888-551-0514. 

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