Tips for Preventing Basement Floods

Many different factors can cause a flooded basement in Ottawa or a flooded basement in Toronto. If you’ve ever experienced water damage or a flood, you understand just how stressful dealing with flood damage can be including damaged furniture, frustration with planning and leaving the house, the feeling of being in an unsanitary home, etc. Apart from this, you also have to deal with the cost of cleaning the water and repairing damages left by your flooded basement in Toronto. Water can get to your basement in many ways, ranging from unexpected water levels to pipe leaks, sewage back-up, and roof damage, but taking precaution can help you prevent damage and save you a great deal of time, headache, and stress from having to deal with a flooded basement.

 Basement Flood Cleanup Services

    • Proper home maintenance is one of the main keys toward preventing a flooded basement in Ottawa. Start by cleaning your gutters and checking the condition and position of your downspouts. By ensuring that your gutters are debris-free and keeping downspouts pointed away from your foundation, water can flow freely instead of pooling against your home. Make sure that your downspout direct water away from the foundation—add extensions or install troughs to keep water at least 3 feet from your home’s foundation.
    • Landscaping isn’t just for aesthetics. It can also help you prevent a flooded basement in Toronto quite significantly. Make sure that your lawn and flower beds are sloped the right way so rainwater flows away from your home and toward the gutters. Consider installing a rain garden or using a much heavier mulch to keep your home’s foundation dry and preventing water from finding a way inside your house and down your basement.
    • Do regular home inspections and repair cracks in your foundation. Cracks and damage in your home’s foundation invite water intrusion. While visual inspections are helpful, it is also a good idea to conduct regular and more thorough inspections of the home to uncover potentially serious problems in your foundation.

Inspect your sewer system and have your septic tank cleaned on a regular schedule. Lack of maintenance of your sewer lines can also be major risk factors for flooding and sewer trouble. Never skip out on septic tank cleaning and sewer inspections to avoid clogs, overflows, and back-ups.

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