Burst Pipe Repair Cost

Water damages are amongst the most common causes of homeowners’ insurance claims. A burst pipe is a common source of emergency water damage and can create destructive damage to your home or business. Once a burst pipe or frozen pipe is detected, a water damage restoration company must be contacted immediately to mitigate losses. A pipe can burst for many reasons including:

  • Deterioration
  • Cold weather
  • Water pressure issues

Burst Pipe Repair Cost And Services

If the burst pipe leads to a leakage inside the wall, a plumber should be contacted as soon as possible. Water damages due to burst pipes must be cleaned and repaired immediately because a burst pipe can spew hundreds of gallons of and create serious damages to your property.

Burst pipe repair costs can start from $1000 and increase depending on the amount of damage created, what is affected by the damage and the amount of time needed to restore your home or business. At Canada’s Restoration Services, we provide free water damage inspections. We can help locate and determine the cause of the burst pipe. Our water damage technicians are equipped 24/7 and arrive on site within 45 minutes for all water damage emergencies.

Is burst pipe covered by insurance? Many homeowners’ and business owner’s insurance policies do cover burst pipe repair. However, every circumstance varies. If the pipe inside or outside your property burst due to negligence, the insurance will not cover the claim. That is why it is essential to monitor and conduct maintenance on the pipes inside and outside your property.

A frozen pipe will not always burst and result to a water damage. When extreme cold temperatures occur, the water inside the pipe freezes. But if the pipe has aged beyond its normal functioning life and could not hold the pressure on it, it may burst. Pipes are meant to last for a extended period of time but will not last forever. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the homeowner or business owner to ensure regular maintenance is conducted and to fix or replace pipes when needed. Therefore, one needs to be careful about his and her home maintenance taking every aspect into consideration.

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