3 Foolproof Ways of Dealing with Mould

The most common causes for the growth of mould on the walls of your house are humidity, condensation, and water leaks among others. Mould can severely damage your home by making it look and smell unpleasant. Mould can also cause serious health problems including various infections such as running nose, breathing problems, eyes irritation, skin rashes, allergy, etc.

Before immediately bumping into cleaning the mould from your house, it is extremely important to identify the type of mould that is spurring in your house along with the root cause. There are basically two types of moulds found in houses that are described as penetrating and rising moulds. And to prevent the growth of such moulds in your house, it is important that you fight them off from their roots permanently. Moreover, once you have identified and fixed the source of moisture in your home, you can easily get rid of it.

You can easily find a company that provides mould removal in Toronto. Given below are a few tips through which you can easily get rid of moulds in your home.

  • Moisture is one of the fundamental causes behind the spreading of mould in your house, it is essential to eliminate the moisture in your house. Make sure to regularly clean your bathroom and kitchen, stretch out wet shower curtains every day, and dry the damp clothes. If you have a basement which is often humid, there may be crevices in the walls letting moisture in, so watch out and replace cracked mortar and also ensure to have sufficient outside drainage.
  • There are some inexpensive and easy ways to treat mould in your house. You can choose from a number of homemade solutions such as bleach powder, vinegar, borax, ammonia, and baking soda. These solutions are quite helpful in sweeping away moulds from their roots in your house. You just need to be careful while using these solutions and wear protective glasses and gloves to protect yourself. You can also use dehumidifiers to get your house free from moulds. An air conditioner can also be used as it can take-in warm air, which holds moisture and circulate it back out as cool and dry air. A humidistat or dehumidifier is extremely useful for reducing humidity. On days when the air outside is dry, you can also open up your windows and use ceiling fans or portable fans to let it circulate through your home and flow the moisture out.
  • If your house has been severely damaged by mould, make sure to look out for a good restoration company that provides services such as mould removal and asbestos removal in Toronto. You can search online and then read and compare customer reviews and testimonials to get a clear idea about the company. You can also do this by asking for references from your friends, family, and colleagues.
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