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Mold Inspection and Mold Removal in Richmond Hill

Mold is a type of fungi that forms through moisture and wet surfaces. Mold reproduces through spores and usually forms through a water leak, moisture issue or a water damage that was not cleaned correctly. If you suspect you may have mold, contact Canada's Restoration Services. Canada's Restoration Services is a professional and experienced restoration company, specializing in commercial and residential mold inspections and mold removal in Richmond Hill. We conduct free mold inspections in Richmond Hill and provide transferable certificates for mold remediation on properties to new home buyers. 

mold inspection in Richmond Hill

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Homeowners who require professional mold removal in Richmond Hill can rely on Canada’s Restoration Services for the safest, most effective mold removal.

At Canada’s Restoration Services, technicians are IICRC certified and experienced with various types of mold. We offer mold remediation in Richmond Hill to fully eliminate mold and spores. During our multi-step mold removal process, we often work with third-party mold specialists to ensure an objective and impartial assessment. This approach prevents any conflict-of-interest.

At CRS, we offer comprehensive mold removal and remediation without leaving a trace of mold or mold spores. We use air scrubbers, thermal cameras, and negative air machines in the containments to ensure all mold and moisture affected materials are detected and removed. 

Mold Inspection in Richmond Hill 

Mold can be detected in various ways and can also grow in places that are not visible to the naked eyes. Signs of mold include: 

  • a musty odor smell 
  • a long-term moisture problem (which eventually can lead to mold)
  • allergic symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sore eyes and sneezing 

Our mold experts can determine if mold is present with a visual inspection. If mold is not visible, an air quality test needs to be performed. 

During a mold inspection in Richmond Hill, a certified project manager will assess the affected area. The project manager will provide instant recommendations to stop the mold from growing and will identify the source of the mold. Following the mold inspection, a detailed scope of work report will be constructed which will outline our findings, recommendations, a plan of action moving forward and a free quotation. 

Mold Removal in Richmond Hill 

Once a mold inspection is completed, our team of professional proceed with mold remediation. We follow a strict step-by-step mold removal process in Richmond Hill, which adheres to industry standards and guidelines. Canada's Restoration Services invests in highly trained professionals to execute mold remediation in Richmond Hill. We ensure that our professionals are trained, skilled, qualified and have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the industry. 

The mold remediation procedure begins with setting up a containment around the affected area. The purpose of the containment is to prevent mold spores from dispersing across the rest of the home or business. Our mold technicians are utilizing personal protective equipment during the entire procedure - from start to finish. To capture the extremely tiny mold particles, we set up HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers around the containment. We deodorize the air and circulate fresh and clean air. 

All affected materials and areas are disinfected, sanitized, scrubbed down and cleaned. We perform clearance testing to guarantee that the mold has been effectively removed. 


With the potential health risks of mold, Canada's Restoration Services uses proven and effective techniques to eliminate mold outbreaks. As mold specialists, we understand the dangers of an outbreak and the possibilities for structural damage. That’s why we rely on a comprehensive six-step removal and remediation approach. In this way, we can guarantee the best overall results.

Mold outbreaks do require professional attention

There’s no question that mold removal requires professional attention. The source and cause of the mold must be identified in order to proceed. There may be excessive moisture or there may be poor air circulation – whatever the case these conditions must be remedied to prevent mold proliferation. A well-established mold outbreak can also cause damage, which requires repair.

Mold and spores must be completely eliminated

Mold can sometimes be tricky. With many outbreaks, the mold itself is well hidden and entirely out of sight. This is really not a good time for a homeowner DIY project. This work is much better left to a mold professional (particularly with the health risks). While the negative health effects of mold differ with each person, there should be some concern if occupants experience symptoms.


With a mold infiltration, Canada’s Restoration Services provides a six-step removal/remediation process. Our aim is to ensure a safe and effective process with the very best long-term outcomes. 

1. Inspect Premises

We do premises inspections so our technicians can evaluate the mold-infestation, and identify the source and scope of the outbreak. Initially, we also offer FREE visual inspections of the premises.

2. Air Quality Test

Canada’s Restoration Services doesn’t perform Air Quality Testing. We recommend a 3rd party for air testing (impartial and objective). Prior to testing, we’ll advise if air tests are even needed.

3. Scope of Work

We provide each customer with a detailed scope of work, including the specific steps for mold removal and remediation. As well, we provide a cost estimate covering all of the associated costs.

4. Removing Mold

Regardless of the mold outbreak, we ensure mold removal for the entire affected area. We ensure the complete elimination of mold and spores in a few short days (sometimes it may take longer). 

5. Final Clearance

When mold removal is complete, we provide second and third party clearances that authenticate our work. We also offer a company guarantee so customers feel completely satisfied with results.

6. Restoration

When a mold outbreak has been properly remediated, our construction department undertakes to make repairs and restorations to damaged areas. We do our best to restore to the original state.


Canada's Restoration Services offers professional mold remediation in Richmond Hill and in the surrounding communities. For homeowners with a serious outbreak, we have a special company division that offers services around-the-clock. Find out more by calling 1-888-551-0514 or contact us online

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