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Top Mold Removal FAQs


Q: Why Does Mold Grow?

Mold spores exist all around us, naturally outdoors. Indoor mold contaminations are often the result of three main conditions being present in one space. Mold removal in Toronto is typically needed when there is an excess of the following: 

  • Organic Material  (ie. wood, fabrics)
  • Moisture in The Air (ie. leaks, humidity)
  • Lack of Ventilation (ie. minimal airflow, inadequate vents, blockages)

Q: What Speed Does Mold Grow At?

Mold infestations rapidly become full-blown outbreaks in need of removal in Toronto when conditions condusive to mold growth are prevalent. Exponetial mold growth often occurs within 24 hours. 

The accelerated timelines emphasize the importance of contacting certified mold removal specialists in the event of flooding, leaks, or other water damage to get the right solution, as quickly as possible from local mold removal specialists near Toronto. Without a proper inspection to start mold is likely to be a secondary damage.

Q: Is all mold harmful?

How mold affects your health is an individualized expereince. While some people can be exposed for hours without physical symptoms of mold exposures others experience immediate sensitivity. With that being said, some species of mold are more potent and dangerous that others. Toxic black mold , scientifically called "Stachybotrys" is notoriously toxic. If it's what is present on your property, the health effects are often significant. Unfortunately it's difficult to differentiate various species of black mold in Toronto and any mold can be incredibly harmful in high concentrations, thus it's safer to get proessional help and mold testing along with black mold removal in Toronto.

Q: How long does attic mold removal take to be completed in Toronto?

The attic mold remediation process in the Greater Toronto Area is devised based on safety, local regulations, and the scope of an outbreak. Proper mold detection and removal that offers effective results is dependent on the complexity of an infestation. Depending on the size or location, mold remediation can span a few hours to 4 or 5 days. The process includes mold inspections, testing, removal, and air scrubbers. Read more about why mold frequents Toronto attics.

To learn about the mold removal timeline, contact the Canada's Restoration Services helpline or visit our FAQ page

Q: What is a safe level of mold?

When looking at the safe levels of mold, the global industry standards is to compare the inside of your home to the air you breathe outside. During spring and summer, taking a sample from outside and comparing it to the inside of your home should have a relative mold count. 

However, during winter months, comparisons and samples should differ. Due to a lack of mold spores outside during the cold season, it is important to take a sample from the opposite side of the premises where mold is not suspected to determine if removal in Toronto is necessary. The reason why is because there is an absence of mold spores outside and comparing it to the inside of your home would produce inaccurate results. Industry standards during the cold season is to compare the sample of the mold inside your home to a sample of the mold inside the opposite area of your home, thereby producing an accurate analysis. 

Q: If I Can't See Mold, Is It There?

Mold spores are not always visible. They start out as microscopic spores, undetectable by the eye. When mold spores infest properties and evolve into outbreaks, they become bigger. However, they often are usually in hidden areas which can make them go unnoticed until physical symptoms appear or occupants notice its pungent odour. As a result, most mold removal in Toronto is needed for basements, attics, crawlspaces, under carpets, and behind appliances. 

Q: How do I know if My Property's Mold Levels Are Elevated?

3rd Party Air Quality Testing is key identifying and analyzing mold concentration and species. Before mold removal, testing in Toronto provides mold removal specialists insight into the best approach to remediation for maximimum success.

There are some telltale indicators that you have a serious mold outbreak in Toronto in need of removal, from visible staining on drywall, water damage, and musty odours. But the only real, 100% way to confirm that indoor mold levels are elevated is with a professional inspection and testing and mold removal services in Toronto. The faster you detect mold on-site, the less severe the extent of the outbreak.  

Q: Does an odour in my home mean I need mold removal in Toronto?

An old, musty, pungent odour is class indicator that water damage is present and mold is around. To be certain that it is connected to mold, you'lll need air quality testing and moisture readings before proceeding to mold removal Toronto.

Q: Can I DIY removal of mold in Toronto?

In some cases, small, non-toxic mold infestations are okay for do it yourself removal in Toronto. The problem is, it's difficult for the average person to determine what species are present without mold removal specialist. It's best to proceed with mold removal in Toronto after consulting with a professional removal service on the safest next steps. Otherwise you risk cross-contaminating your home with mold spores and becoming ill. In some cases, trying to handle mold removal in Toronto on your own without a professional can make you sick. Learn more about managing mold exposure during DIY remediation efforts.

Q: What Mold Remediation Services Near Toronto Should I Call for Removal?

Choosing mold removal professionals in Toronto is essential to safe and effective results. At Canada's Restoration Services we have training, certificiations, experience, knowledge, best practices, and insurance to proceed with remediationa and restoration properly. 

Q: What Affects Toronto Mold Removal Costs?

A comprehensive inspection is key to successful mold removal in Toronto. From identifying the source of an outbreak to sizing up the scope of work, mold inspections in Toronto allow mold remediation companies and customers assess the cost and timeline of the necessary work. Throughout an inspection, pictures and data are documented and provided to accompany the estimate. 

Q: Can a Dehumidifier remove mold spores?

The simple answer is no. Mold grows by reproducing by the means of tiny spores in the air, which land on surfaces and grow further. Dehumidifiers can reduce moisture, but they don’t have the capacity to kill mold altogether or remove mold spores that are already in existence.

Q: Can You Get Sick From Bathroom Mold?

If you have allergies then in some cases, bathroom mold can make you sick. However, even if you are not allergic, mold exposure can cause irritation to your nose, skin, eyes and even lungs. To combat bathroom mold issues, visit out FAQ on how to permanently remove mold from the bathroom?

At Canada's Restoration Services, we have a specialized division of employees that work extensively to help solve all your mold-related needs. Our technicians are certified and training and abide closely by industry guidelines for mold removal in Toronto and all the major cities surrounding Toronto. Trust Canada's #1 Mold Removal Specialists in Toronto and all the major cities surrounding Toronto. Call us today to book your free inspection: 1-888-551-0514.

Q: How Do I Find Hidden Mold In My House?

As homeowners we may in no way know that our house has mold issues without seeing it. However, there are some common signs to look for when you suspect mold in your home.

  • Strange odors such as distinctive musty smell
  • If you are experiencing water damage
  • Prolonged allergic reactions or respiratory infections
  • Physical damages to walls or ceilings such as water stains, swellings, or soft areas.

If you suspect unseen mold issues in your home, you should call mold removal experts to detect and remediate the issue. Mold inspections in Toronto are different than home inspections. Read more about it here.

Q: Is there a device that can detect mold?

Yes, professionals use “Moisture Meter” and “Infrared Camera Scanning” tools to detect water leaks and moisture levels in the ceilings, behind walls, or under your floors that does not require any destruction. These tests help them identify areas of possible mould growth. To learn about mold removal process click here.


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