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Mold Inspections and Mold Removal in Ottawa

Canada's Restoration Services is an experienced and certified company, specializing in mold inspections and mold removal services in Ottawa. We are fully IICRC licensed, insured and bonded and perform all work according to industry guidelines set forth by the IICRC. By performing effective mold removal, we are eliminating hazardous mould spores and mould growth from buildings, homes and personal possessions and bring your home and property back to healthy and safe environment. Our main objective is to ensure no presence of mold (airborne or visible) exists once we complete the project, which is why we guarantee mold clearance on all our work.

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Mold Inspection in Ottawa

We perform free mold inspections on all visible mold. A certified project manager will perform a mold inspection within 48 hours of contacting Canada's Restoration Services. During the mold inspection in Ottawa, our experts will assess the mold and the damage it has created, along with identify the type of mold it is. A detailed scope of work will be constructed that will outline our findings and the entire mold removal procedure.
Mold Testing - If the mold is not visible and a mold test is required, we reach out to one of our certified and professional mold testing companies. We work alongside experienced and trusted mold testing companies in order to provide our valued customers exceptional service.
A mold test is will be conducted, in which a sample will be taken and sent off to a laboratory to assess the mold. The results will be received within 48 hours, confirming whether there is mold present and the type of mold. A mold test helps us to understand the Air Quality present & build an accurate scope of work. We do not perform mold testing, as it is a conflict of interest. Be wary of companies who perform mold testing and mold removal services, as you may not receive accurate results based on the mold. Also, it should be noted that mold testing is not required for visible mold. 

Mold Removal in Ottawa

Our mold experts at Canada's Restoration Services follow a strict procedure and guidelines to perform complete mold removal. With over thousands of mold removal jobs completed, our mold specialists have mastered the mold removal procedure. We follow the 6 Step Mold Removal Process to achieve complete mold remediation.
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Once mold has been confirmed, the mold removal process will begin. Our certified project managers will set up a containment around the affected areas to prevent contamination. Negative air machines and air scrubbers will be utilized during the procedure to clean the air and remove any mold spores. We use eco-friendly products because we want to avoid the usage of chemicals in our cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting processes.
Clearance and Certificate: We provide homeowners and business owners with a certificate stating the mold removal in the affected areas has been completed. Third party clearance can be provided under the expense of the customer. Once all the mold has been removed and clearance has been given, our experienced construction team can repair any damage back to the original state.

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In House Financing Available



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