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Calgary Air Duct Cleaning

Many people nowadays pay a lot of attention to indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning has become one of the most discussed household maintenance issues. There is an ongoing debate about how often air duct cleaning procedures should be performed. Canada’s Restoration Services agrees that there is no certain regularity when it comes to air duct cleaning, but there are certain conditions that lead to it. So, when and why might you actually need air duct cleaning?

When there is a mold problem in the house. Mold can grow pretty much anywhere, including ducts. When ductwork is damaged due to improper installation, bad maintenance or deterioration, moisture that gets inside can cause mold growth. This is especially typical for humid areas, or homes that have suffered significant water damage. Dust, dirt and organic particles that accumulate in air ducts over time create a perfect environment for mold colonies to grow. Mold spores released into the airflow then travel through the ducts into the living space. Some types of mold can be potentially dangerous and cause various health conditions: allergies, asthmas and other respiratory problems.

Mold remediation professionals argue in favour of air duct cleaning not only when mold is found in the ductwork, but when it’s found anywhere in the house. During the remediation process, vents are properly covered to prevent mold spores from getting into the ductwork, and the affected area is thoroughly cleaned; however, if mold spores have already spread through the HVAC system, without proper air duct cleaning recontamination may occur any time.     

When there is a vermin infestation problem. Rodents and insects often find their ways into the ductwork, leaving traces of waste and infestation. Vermin infestation is a serious issue, as it may lead to development of various microbes, become a source of allergens and cause diverse health reactions. If vermin infestation is detected, air duct cleaning is strongly recommended.

After you bought a new house. It is a rule of thumb to have a proper home inspection when buying new property. Checking air ducts should be an important part of it. If previous homeowners smoked in the house or had pets, you might want to perform air duct cleaning, even if the visual inspection doesn’t demonstrate the necessity.  

After construction/renovation works. Construction dust tends to end up in the duct system, no matter how well you protect the vents. Large quantities of dust and debris may accumulate in the HVAC system during the renovation process, block normal airflow and blow dust back into the living area. Air duct cleaning helps avoid that and lets you fully enjoy your newly renovated home.

The process of air duct cleaning by Canada’s Restoration Services Calgary is based on the source removal technique. It includes physical removal of dust and debris from the ducts using special tools and a powerful HEPA-filtered industrial vacuum attached to your HVAC system. Constant negative air pressure allows capturing and removing the smallest airborne dust particles, mold spores and other loosened contaminants, and guarantees that they will not be released into the living space.

The process is fast and highly efficient due to high-performance, state-of-the-art air duct cleaning equipment and expertise of the specialists of Canada’s Restoration Services Calgary. For more information on air duct cleaning services in Calgary and area, call Canada’s Restoration Services today. The company’s specialists will be happy to assist you on the process, rates and duration of the procedure.   


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