Usage of Sealant: Why You Shouldn’t Encapsulate Mold

In certain surfaces, such as the wooden ones, it seems impossible to remove mold or conduct any mold remediation procedure. Thus, in case you think that you can apply any of the mold removal products on your wooden surfaces, you should better rethink before you act. Since mold sealant is supposed to be a paint-like material, thereby sealing a mold infesting surface from which you cannot remove mold, therefore you can be causing a larger issue than what you may have had to being with. Some attempt to use a paintbrush, sprayer or paint roller in order to apply sealants since it is a kind of paint like substance. Although it seems easily accessible and easy to use which should raise a flag. Covering a problem is never the solution. Encapsulated mold is simply putting a Band-Aid over a gash, which is never the right answer. Finding the right solution by locating the source of the growth and investing in properly removing all mold. As the regular paints only cover up, hence it may become problematic for you to detect the mold, or the time when it starts to grow and multiply. Thus, by completing remove mold it will help protect your house in the future situations, thereby enhancing the durability of the surface.

The usage of sealant increases day by day by unprofessional that are not certified by the IICRC. In many provinces covering up mold with any sort of encapsulation is illegal, thereby worsening the conditions of your beautiful house. You need to realize that it is almost impossible to clean or to cover up mold entirely from porous or semi-porous surfaces, such as drywall, carpeting, ceiling tiles and fabrics. Discarding or replacing certain wooden surfaces (insulation and drywalls) from your home, thereby not investing time and money on using sealant is the best solution. However, you need to realize that although you can remove some materials from your homes; there are certain other materials like wooden studs that are there inside a wall may have mold infested. This is when media blasting or grinding should be used. It removes a thin layer of the wood which eliminates the roots of the mold. Sealants are quite easily available and you can purchase them from any of the home improvement stores. However, it is always worthwhile to consult a professional before undertaking this particular approach so that the expert investigates and examines the entire area and suggests the proper type of remove and remediation. The mold infestation can be more severe or less than you initially believed.

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