Top 5 Causes Of House Fires

With the amount of precautions taken to prevent a fire in your home, every year there are still thousands of accidents that lead to the destruction of homes, and can even claim lives.  If we understand the most common ways fires start at home, we understand how to prevent them.

1)  Smoking.  If you are an avid smoker, then you know that ash falls off of a cigarette when you smoke.  This ash can cause something to catch on fire, whether it is inside or outside.  Take care where the ashes fall, dispose of your cigarette in a deep non-flammable ashtray, and be sure the flame is out.

2)  Cooking.  When cooking a meal, frequently we use oil in a pan on the stove.  Oil is highly flammable and can catch on fire instantly.  A grease fire is commonly mishandled, because people want to pour water on the flames. This causes a chemical reaction which enhances the fire causing it to spread.  Smother a grease fire with the top of a pan, to suffocate the flames.

3)  Candles.  It’s very easy for us to forget that we have a candle burning in the house.  Because of that, we may throw papers near the candle inadvertently, or not notice how close it is to a curtain or other flammable objects.  Make sure that you put a candle far away from anything that might catch fire, and try to use a candle that is partially covered, like one that is in a glass.

4)  Electrical equipment.  If cords are frayed, under rugs, or bunched into a corner it could start an electrical fire.  Make sure that all your equipment is functioning properly, and is plugged into a power source safely.  Take advantage of surge protectors that will shut off electronics if there is a power surge.  Make sure the wiring within your home is up to safety code as well so that first cannot start in a discreet place.

5)  Arson.  To some people, fire is considered a toy and used not used responsibly.  Lighting things on fire for sport, is a sure way to have an accident.  Children usually don’t understand the dangers of fire, so keep matches and lighters in a safe fireproof case.  Check the casing on lighters with fuel in them for cracks so that the liquid does not leak causing other objects to become highly flammable.  Keep away from all people you cannot influence to be safe.

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