Tips to Control Window Condensation to Eliminate Mold Growth

Window condensation is a problem most Canadian homeowners face every turn of season. As outdoor temperatures slowly dip into winter levels, interior window surfaces start to sweat from condensation. While degrees of wetness do range from insignificant and negligible to downright damaging, it is important to understand how to keep your windows dry; otherwise, you could end up with stubborn mold problems. Fortunately, professional mold removal services in Toronto are always ready to intervene.

Mold Removal Services

There are, however, many ways that you can avoid mold growth due to window sweats, starting from increasing your window’s surface temperature. Closed windows, blinds, and even draperies tend to interfere with the atmospheric convection current, making the air between blinds and windows significantly cooler. This leads to more condensation. Increasing the surface temperature of your window is a good way to prevent condensation as well as adjusting your draperies and blinds so that they don’t form barriers to the natural airflow. Raising the temperature inside a room can also help minimize condensation.

Another way to prevent condensation in interior surfaces is reducing the air humidity inside rooms. This way, you control the amount of moisture in the atmosphere so that cold windows have less humidity to condense. There are many dehumidification devices that are sold in the market and they are great tools for preventing frequent mold removal in Toronto.

Perhaps the simplest and least expensive way to prevent window condensation and mold growth in the home is to wipe off window surfaces each morning. Frequent cleaning and window wiping will not only help you keep water away, but also allow you to inspect your window surfaces for any water damage and/or early signs of mold growth, enabling you to take quick action before the problem worsens.

Canada’s Restoration Services specializes in mold remediation in Toronto on top of water, fire, and smoke damage restoration. The company offers the most eco-friendly solutions to your mold and water damage problems, making use of the latest equipment, products, and techniques the follow the highest standards to ensure the safety of all technicians as well as property owners and building occupants, during and after remediation.

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