What To Do If You Suspect Your House Has Asbestos

Should you have an older home the chances of your home having asbestos hiding somewhere is always a possibility. Whether it’s in your attic, around your pipes or in your walls, the chances are there. Generally, the most common calls that we receive to remove asbestos are either pipe wrap or vermiculite in the attics.  The best solution to determine whether your home has asbestos or not is to call a professional. Most home inspectors are trained to look out for it, and if you come across something that seems to be asbestos, then they will take a sample for testing. Beside attics and pipe wrap, asbestos has also been used in;

1) Roofing and siding
2) Pipes and ducts
3) Ceiling tiles
4) Floor coverings
5) Insulation

Should the samples come back positive, most homeowners ask the same three questions;

-Who do I call?

-What’s the next step?

-Am I safe?

Just know that if the asbestos is not falling apart or hasn’t been disturbed, then you’re safe. As long as the fibres haven’t been released into the air than the chances of being exposed to asbestos is very low. So ensure that it is in good condition and start your research on hiring the right professional for you. This is the best course of action. Should you suspect that you have been exposed to asbestos be sure to seek medical attention right away. Exposure to fibers is extremely harmful which can cause lunch cancer such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. This causes lung tissues scaring which is a lung disease which can cause death. Exposure to fibers plus anyone who smokes will greatly increase the chances of lunch cancer a great deal.

So who should you call? Call a professional. Not a home inspector, not the local handyman on your street. Every asbestos removal company has technicians that have been trained for asbestos removal and understand the proper removal process to remove it safely. When looking for a professional, look for reviews, look for anything that doesn’t seem to make sense…are they insured, do they have the proper training, check out HomeStars for their reviews, etc…

In addition, prior to the work being started, get a written contract that details the scope of work and the planning, cleanup. Make sure that the workers are equipped with the regulation respirators and personal protective equipment (PPE). Once the work beings, the entire are will be sealed off so only those with protective gear can enter. Once the work is completed, then the area will cleaned with a special HEPA vacuum and. Nothing but this should be used. Never will a professional use a regular vacuum cleaner.

We provide a certified asbestos professional that will initially take a look at the situation and provide you a walkthrough of how we perform our work. They will explain how everything will be setup and safely removed, the precautions we will take to ensure that safety of you and your family is our first priority. As Mike Holmes and Bryan Baeumler’s go to restoration company, Canada’s Restoration Services understands the severity of asbestos and knows what it takes to ensure safety.

Once all the details have been confirmed then we would schedule the job. Most jobs can take from 2-3 days, but larger projects can take longer. The proper equipment is installed to ensure the air is 100% asbestos free and no fibres will linger to harm you.

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