Smoke Damage Analysis – Why Homeowners Need It

Smoke Damage Analysis – Why Homeowners Need It

Fires differ from each other because each house has a different style.  Each structure has a range of construction materials which may burn in a different way.  Smoke damage can be high, even if the fire is only small and contained in a confined space.  And as a result, smoke can end up burning other materials or areas of the house.  There are different types of smoke: wet, dry, fuel oil and protein smoke that can ignite a new fire.

Following a minor explosion or fire accident, there is a serious responsibility of homeowners to keep the security of the household.  If not, more serious problems may follow that can totally destroy the property, or even take the lives of family members.

Importance of Smoke Damage Analysis to Homeowners

1. Smoke damage analysis identifies the hazardous particles present in the house.  There can be char, smoke, ash, soot, or ph content once fire is over.  Testing is important in determining the indoor quality of air.  After analyzing the smoke damage, homeowners can recognize and confirm the existence of black carbon, ash, soot and smoke residues in furniture, clothes, walls, insulations, ducts, and other parts of the house.

2. The test identifies materials which can be restored and those that can be thrown off. For homeowners, this condition can be tricky since not all things that look fine are salvageable.  Similarly, not all things that seem burned will be disposed.  Many items and materials can be saved by a restoration company.

3. A restoration company can analyze the kind of smoke and dust left by the fire.  Soot and smoke are everywhere once fire is put out.  Expert analysts can identify the cause of the blaze. They can measure the amount of damage affected by the fire.

4. It helps avoid the occurrence of another fire.  Often, smoke damage goes along with fire destruction.  Materials that are porous in nature can absorb smoke and these are unsafe. For instance, carpets, dry walls, or furniture have porous materials that can contain smoke odour.  The use of deodorizers or ozone can bring back the materials to be smoke-free and odor-free.

5. Often, fire restoration providers take the responsibilities of cleaning up the big mess left by the fire extinguisher.  In most cases, water or foam extinguisher is used in this condition. But regardless of what is used to put off the fire, cleaning the mess becomes crucial.  Foam extinguisher can ruin materials like ceilings, carpets, and walls, while water can cause the growth of mold and mildew.

Unexpected fire accidents are prone to happen anytime, and who would want it after all? However, contacting a fire restoration company will help you get assisted with the aftermath of the incident.

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