The Problem With Mold – Cleaning Up Toxicity

The Problem With Mold – Cleaning Up Toxicity

Leave a piece of food out and it will turn green or black, and you will need to throw it out. Mold associated with food is definitely gross, and is something that you will immediately see creep up on older food. However, there are other types of mold that you need to be careful about, especially those that are the result of water condensation, and damage. Often called “black mold”, this is the direct result of water damage and it doesn’t just show up one day and start to wreak havoc. It’s a slow progression that can eventually turn deadly, and it can certainly cause you a lot of distress.

Health Issues Related To Mold

Unlike food items, when you have water damage in your home it will affect your breathing in a subtle manner first. The spores that come off the mold have neurotoxin that will cause issues that you may think is a part of a cold, flu, or something that can be cured with a little bed rest. The symptoms will not be satiated with rest, and after time, you could develop a serious infection or worse. The mold here is not always something that you can see, as it can be trapped between crawl spaces, in basements, along floor boards, and any number of locales. It’s important that if spotted, or concerned, to get a professional service to clean and repair the issue.

Do Not Clean This Yourself

Exposure to mold on any level especially that which is due to water damage of any kind requires you to not only have a professional clean it up, but you will need to repair walls, and seal areas that have shown the issue. What’s more important is that you do not do this yourself, and you do not let anyone near the mold if spotted. Instead, call us so that we can help you eradicate this immediately. There is a certain toxicity that comes with the exposure of this and it will harm you and your family.

We are qualified to take on the issue of mold and clear it up, clean and repair the issue. The best route to go with in this regards is a professional level clean up, as it will ensure that the mold is not only taken out but the area is repaired and cleaned up properly. Again, do not do this on your own, you may end up dealing with a variety of health issues as a result.

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