How to Prevent the Growth of Mould in Your Home

Your house may be infected with mould even if you do not see it or suspect it. The exposure to mould can cause skin and breathing issues, which can and should be easily prevented. The small spores of mould can be harmful to individuals with a weak immune system and those suffering from asthma.

Remediation & Removal of Mould Growth

When they inhale this air, it directly impacts their lungs and leads to coughing. Direct contact with mould can lead to skin rashes and allergies as well. Therefore, it is best to deal with mould immediately if it is present in your home.

You can hire a professional company for mould removal in Toronto or try to deal with it on your own (which we do not recommend). Here are some ways to prevent the growth of mould in your home:

  • Prevent Your Home from Excess Moisture:

    Mould flourishes in humid conditions because of water leakage, excess moisture in the air, etc. It is extremely important to keep your house dry to prevent moisture from eventually forming into mould. Canada’s Restoration Services recommends purchasing a hygrometer. This meter will provide you with the details of moisture inside your house. A dehumidifier can help maintain the moisture levels inside the house.

  • Do Not Leave Clothes Damp:

    At the time of laundry, never leave your clothes wet for an extended period of time. Complete the washing cycle and dry the clothes properly in sunshine or an airy room to prevent the rise in moisture levels or growth of mould. Once you clean the clothes properly, transfer them immediately to the dryer.

  • Increase Air Circulation and Ventilation:

    Fresh natural air is the best way to keep both dry and wet mould at bay. It will also help you maintain the humidity level in your home since the fresh air from the outside will balance the humid indoor air. Whenever the weather is good, open the windows and allow the fresh air to come inside. In summary, increase the level of air circulation and ventilation in your home to protect it from becoming a breeding ground for mould.

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