Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal: Why You Shouldn’t

Many home and property owners become pretty handy over time. Either out of financial necessity or just for the rush of accomplishment, they learn to tackle small repairs, remodels and other improvements with deftness and ease. There are times, however, when it simply pays to call a pro. If mold removal in Toronto is required, that is precisely one of the times when a pro should be called.

While it might seem simple on the surface to address a mold concern by cleaning or removing a damaged piece of drywall, for example, doing so just isn’t smart for these reasons and more:

  • Not knowing the type of mold can be dangerous – While many molds are pretty harmless outside of the smell they can produce, some have the potential to be major health hazards. When a mold testing Toronto service is called upon, the first step they’ll take is inspecting for mold and identifying its type. Black mold, for example, requires major precautions to remove to prevent spores from contaminating the air and causing harm to humans.
  • Not knowing the source can lead to further damage – A mold remediation Toronto service will track down the source of mold before beginning a job to restore a property. This is simply because it is critical to know and address the source to prevent recurrences. Whether moisture that promote mold growth is coming from a slow-leaking pipe or a tiny hole in the roof, these pros will find it so repairs can be made to prevent recurrences.
  • Failing to adequately address the situation may threaten health – Mold removal in Toronto isn’t truly complete until all affected materials are safely removed and replaced. Indoor air quality must also be tested to ensure that spores have been removed from the environment and that breathing indoors will be safe. Mold inspection Toronto services can handle all of these steps professionally whereas do-it-yourselfers are not likely to have the expertise or equipment necessary.

Doing things yourself is a great way to save money on home improvements. Attempting mold removal in Toronto without professional assistance, however, can end up costing more in the long run.


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