Effectiveness of the Mold Remediation Products

In case you are lucky enough that house is not infested with too much of molds, then you can undertaken certain mold removal procedures yourself. However, it is always advisable to take care of yourself and consult an expert before starting with the activity. There are certain products that are considered as DIY’s and homeowners may consider using. Any professional and that are IICRC certified will recommend against such products. Under regulation any small amount of mold can be handled and removed by property owners. The best solution to use in these situation is basic water and soap mixture. Anything larger than 10m² must be removed by a IICRC professional.

Vinegar- It is a cheap, non-toxic, fumeless and easily available product that can kill up to 80% of various kinds of the molds. You can pour the vinegar into a convenient spray bottle and spray it most the mold-infested surfaces. You need to wait for an hour or so and then mop the mold with the help of a rag. However, you need to make sure that you use the pure form of vinegar (no dilution with water).

Tea Tree Oil- You can use the tea tree oil that is made from a specific plant known as Melaleuca Alternifolia, in order to remove the mold from your house. In case you want use it, just pour one cup of water in a spray bottle and blend a teaspoon of this specific oil. After that, spray it properly all over and after a certain period rub it off with a damp piece of cloth.

Bleach- You will be happy to know that bleach can help you in removing almost every type of household molds that infest on your glass, tubs, tiles, countertops and sinks. However, this does not prove effective enough in case of the molds that spread on porous areas like drywall or wood.

Bathroom Cleansers- You can use those bathroom cleansers, which certain brands specially design for mold remediation. You can surely apply such bathroom cleansers on your bathroom areas, like sinks, tubs and tiles. Since such bathroom cleansers tend to comprise chlorine bleach. However, you require being careful to use such products in a well-ventilated portions. Moreover, you should use them in accordance to the directions that the products’ labels mention, as it is applicable only on non-porous areas.

Foster 40-80 Disinfectant- As products like bleach and bathroom cleansers can only be effective on non-porous surfaces because they cannot enter into the microscopic spaces of the porous areas, therefore if your house is highly infested with molds, the best product that you can use is Foster 40-80 Disinfectant. Being registered under EPA, it plays the role of a virucide, fungicide and germicide. It effectively kills molds, thereby working on all forms of surfaces, be it porous, non-porous or semi-porous.

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