Mold in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a common place where mold can been found growing. There are two main reasons as why the kitchen is a great place for mold to hide. The first reasons is due to the humidity causes by various appliances in the kitchen. The most common explanation why mold grows in kitchen is due to higher humidity levels than other rooms in a home. Certain causes such as; leaky faucets, steam from boiling water, or condensation on pipes are major players as to why mold grows in kitchens. Should the humidity to remain high, this all allows a perfect environment for mold growth. By constantly opening windows and using ventilation (such as exhaust fans) can help in keeping humidity down. Additionally, by cleaning up spills, will allow to reduce moisture sitting around which will help prevent mold. Mold can also grow underneath the kitchen sink. Moisture has the potential to build up form leaks or condensation on the pipes. The moisture typically sites near cabinets which is built with wood and can typically cause mold growth underneath sinks.

The second reason is due to organic material. With organic waste buckets sitting around, and foods left on dishes un-cleaned, this can allow mold fibers to be released into the air if food begins to break down. If dishes are left unclean and dirty, mildews can start its growing process of the decomposition of the old food left on the dishes. Additionally, when dishes are left wet without drying and stacked up, this gives mold a chance to grow due to lack of airflow. Furthermore, if sinks are not cleaned properly and regularly kitchen sinks are a great environment. To prevent mold growth, cleanliness is your best friend. Ensure constant cleaning, in every corner possible and eliminate any dust deposits, will be the best preventable methods. Mold travels through dust particles. With proper cleaning techniques and cleaning products eliminating dust, will significantly decrease mold growth. Food is great source of organic material and contains plenty of moisture for mold to feed and grow on.  Mold plays an important role in food decomposition, which will start the mold growth. This will allow for it to spread in other areas of the room. Vegetables and fruit in decomposers begin the mold process and bread the proper growing sources. In the garbage bin and compost buckets are likely areas to see fungi growth growing as well. It can only take 24 to 48 hours for mold to start growing on leftover food and it can get out of hand quickly if not treated properly.

Mold is harmful to many individuals to their health, especially their lungs. As a kitchen being a primary area in a home with lots of traffic going through (whether you live there or have guests over) removing mold is imperative to keep your air clean and your family healthy.

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