Mold growth in Toronto

Mold growth is most commonly known when a new water source gets into contact with organic material and is not treated immediately. The image below demonstrates the extreme cases of when any sort of water damage or flood occurs and is not treated immediately. Many believe that “environmental” or anti-microbial work is useless or consider it as a scam. The comment eliminate in any home in Toronto is the organic material. Every home in Toronto is built with wood, drywall and numerous organic material.

Any water damage occurred to a property must be correctly handed immediately. The source of the water penetration, whether it’s a foundation crack, burst pipe, sewage back up, must be stopped and contained. By containing the water to one area of a property or room can reduce the amount of damage caused.

However, what many do not understand is that mold and other bacteria will continuously grow on any material throughout the entire area. This image shows how a broken pipe in a bathroom can cause mold growth throughout the entire home.

Remember, mold needs certain environments to grow and nothing is better than moisture and warm temperatures. moisture and warm temperatures to grow and a well-insulated basement, although great at keeping the cold out, will also keep moisture and heat in, creating a perfect environment to encourage mold growth.
Mold Growth Toronto

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