What to look out for when buying a home with “No Conditions”

Yesterday a friend of mine called and said,

“Darren, my friend is buying a house and has to waive the home inspection because that’s the condition – offers with no condition.  I know the risks of not having a home inspection and am concerned there is mold, what should I do?”

Unfortunately this has become very common in today’s Real Estate market, but it does not mean you should not take the proper precautionary steps to ensure the home is in good condition.

Here are key areas and signs to look out for upon having a visitation of the home:

  1. Any water stains or discoloration on the walls or ceilings – if they have had a leak in the past, there could be mold hiding in behind.
  2. Ask to see the attic – one of the most common areas for mold growth is the attic. Any black discoloration on the sheeting (plywood) is typically mold.
  3. Check the cold room or cold storage area – these area’s are typically not ventilated properly and can have mold growing on the concrete or wooden structures.
  4. Look to see if the bathroom has any mold growth on the ceiling – often times bathrooms do not have an exhaust fan which can create a build up of condensation and lead to mold growth.

Always ensure that you ask “Have you had any water damage problems or floods?”

The seller, by law, must disclose if the property has experienced any water issues. If they have had a flood or water leak and it has not been cleaned up properly, it could result in mold growth. Basements are common areas for flooding, therefore, ensure to check the walls for staining or visible signs of mold.

Mold needs humidity, organic material and lack of airflow to grow – so any small, tight area’s can have mold lurking.

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If you have any further questions or concerns about a property you are looking to purchase, give Canada’s Restoration Services a call today. Our 24/7 staff are here to give expert advice and can perform a free mold inspection if there is visible mold.


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