Fireproof your home

Many people neglect the important precautions needed to fireproof a home.  The truth is, no one really thinks a fire can happen to them.  It only takes one small flame to cause a catastrophe, and your home could suffer extreme fire, smoke, and water damage in the aftermath.  To protect your home and loved ones, take specific care and give a conscious effort to fireproof your home.

Start by getting a fire extinguisher, but be careful not to be overconfident.  If you think that you can not handle the fire, do not engage it.  Kitchens are one of the top places that fires start, but be wary of the other places in your home.  Fireplaces should always have a fire extinguisher near them, and garages are a great place to keep one for chemical or care fires. Consider having several extinguishers around the property for more protection.  Fire extinguishers do expire, so check the date regularly, and replace when needed.

Smoke detectors are a simple and easy way to fireproof your home.  They can be placed anywhere, and are battery operated.  Check the batteries several times a week and install one in every room of the house.  In most rooms of the house, we also have wires connecting our electrical equipment to a power source.  Inspect cords and wires, which if not placed correctly or are frayed can cause an electrical fire. To keep things neat, you can buy velcro straps to group cords, a cord protector, or secure them with electrical tape.  Plugging things into a surge protector will eliminate problems if there is a power outage.

After you untangle electrical cords, think of what else you can de-clutter around the house.  Check the dryer for trapped lint, dispose of all flammable chemicals correctly, and check the filter in the furnace.  Often, old newspapers and magazine collect around the house and we do not dispose of them frequently.  Take out all the trash that could be potential fuel for a fire.

Neglecting candles is one of the leading causes of fires.  If you are going to light a candle, be responsible, and don’t leave the room unattended.  Children who are playing may become curious of a candle, or may knock them to the floor causing a fire.  When you light a candle throw the match in the sink with a little bit of water.  Placing a just-lit match in the trash while it is still hot could cause garbage to catch fire.  Finally, equipping yourself with vigilance and common sense can be the difference between a safe home, and an unsafe home.

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