What are common places to find asbestos?

In reality, there is only one real way of finding out whether your home has asbestos or not is by testing. Homes built prior to 1980 are more likely have asbestos lurking around. It’s not definite that your home may, but it does increase the chances. The top five most common places for asbestos to be hiding are;

  • Roofing and siding
  • Pipes and ducts
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Floor coverings
  • Insulation

The condition of asbestos will determine whether or not it is harmful. If is it found broke or fraying the fibres become airborne which are extremely harmful. When any form of asbestos becomes airborne, it is known to causes various cancers, especially in the lungs.

Most commonly, asbestos is found during home inspection during a transfer of ownership. When looking at a new home, be sure to hire a certified home inspector that is trained to look out for asbestos. Many inspectors will look for common issues and asbestos may be missed. Homeowners want to ensure that these conditions are not in their home, even if you are not selling your home.

If you suspect that certain material in your home may contain asbestos is its very important that you have it test before any work is completed. There is many chances that the material does not contain any form of asbestos and can be removed without a certified technician. This will decrease the cost of removed significantly.

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