All About Dry Ice Blasting For Smoke Damage and Mold Removal

It can be a devastating event in your life when you discover that you have mold in your home. Another event that can be just as bad is that of smoke damage. Used to the process of taking care of these two issues was a pain in the rear and cost a small fortune. In recent years the use of dry ice blasting has made the entire process a lot more Eco-friendly and has even reduced the time needed as well as the costs associated with this process. Dry ice has been used for a number of different things over the years, it makes sense that the use of this for cleaning of smoke damage and mold would be the next logical step.

Instead of harsh materials like sand that can cause even minor damage to the surface they are being used on, dry ice is a lot softer and thus not as abrasive to the surface. Since the particles evaporate upon hitting the surface this leads to the reduction of secondary waste that has to be dealt with. This is where some of the costs that used to be associated with this process tend to be removed as it is not needed.


Using dry ice for smoke removal is a faster approach to removing the damage cause by smoke. With it being able to fit into most smaller areas, this allows for a deeper clean than with most other types of cleaning for smoke and mold. There are a growing number of companies that are beginning to offer this service to their customers and more and more are discovering the many advantages associated.

Removal of Mold is a task that has to be done carefully and fully. Even the least little bit of mold left behind can be a serious problem for a homeowner. Again this method allows for the tight spaces to be reached and also shaves off a lot of time that would normally be taken up with having to remove a secondary substance. This allows for the environment to benefit as there are no toxins released into the air.

If you have smoke and or mold damage, you really need to make sure that you find a local professional that can come in and give your home the professional treatment.

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