Why does mold removal cost so much?

Our customer service representatives have been receiving a lot of questions as to why mold removal costs so much once they received their official estimate. Some expect that mold growth in their home can be easily cleaned by some cleaning product or hire their everyday handyman to cut some drywall out. However, going to the cheap and easy route may not be the best course of action. As many know, mold has serious health affects if not treated correctly.

When a professional certified mold technician is hired to remove mold they take all precautions and extra steps to remove all mold and ensure that no harmful mold spores are in the air. With proper setup, equipment and supplies that remove the harmful bacteria that is floating through your air which is naked to human eye.

Our certification identify that we are able to remove any harmful bacteria (mold) in the room without contaminating the other areas of the property. Costs of a job can vary depending the severity of the damage. The larger the growth, the more intensive work needed to clean the area and ensure the safety of the property. A smaller growth, can be cleaned and removed quickly which will keep the costs low.

When quoting a mold removal, the inspector has many variables that filter through their mind before they can determine the price. The major costing factor is the location of the growth. If it is in the attic, bathroom, or basement it can vary the price significantly. This is due to the material which the mold growth has occurred on and the ease of removing it. The second major factor is its ability to remove. If the location of the growth is more difficult to remove and will take longer time to properly eradicate any growth it will increase the costs.

When dealing with any health concerns it is important to ensure that the health of the individuals in the building, whether it’s your family or colleagues in the building. Preventing cross-contamination is the most important aspect of the mold removal process.

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