Asbestos –The #1 Silent Threat when Selling your Home

There is nothing worse then when selling your home and the potential buyer’s home inspector comes back with issues they found. There are usually a few small issues but no one wants to hear that they may have asbestos in the home, especially vermiculite.

This cannot only scare both parties involved, but potentially lose the sale of your home.

Do not fret – as Canada’s Restoration Services is here to help. We wanted to take a few moments to share how you can be pro-active with this situation and make it as stress-free as possible.

How to be pro-active?

Before you put your home or property on the market – be sure to hire your own home inspector who can come and look at the property. If there is something to be found, they will find it and this will give you the time to take care of it before listing.  Home inspectors are trained to identify asbestos within the property and know all the right places to look.

The other option is to take a look around the property yourself and look for signs that asbestos could be present.

Where to look for asbestos?

If your home was built before the 1980’s, then there could be a possibility of it having asbestos containing materials. It was used for its great sound absorption, durability and fire retardant properties. These characteristics, plus its affordability, made it the prime material to use for manufacturers and builders. Once the health affects of asbestos became known, it was banned from being used.

Common areas to find asbestos are:


How do I know if a material contains asbestos?

Asbestos does have certain characteristics but the only way to know if a material contains asbestos is to have it tested.

A sample must be taken to a third party lab where they can analyze the material and determine if asbestos is present along with the type of asbestos and the percentage.

A report is then given with the breakdown of the asbestos and what the proper procedures are for removals.


How can Canada’s Restoration Services help?

If you or your home inspector suspect there may be asbestos in the property – give us a call. With years of training and experience and being fully licensed, insured and certified, we can guarantee our level of service is nothing less than exceptional.

With our state of the art equipment, we can identify and remove the asbestos quickly and efficiently to help close the sale of your home.

Asbestos can pose a health threat to those exposed to it, so it needs to be handle by a professional company to keep your home a safe living environment.

To learn more about our asbestos removal services, CLICK HERE.







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