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Fire and Smoke Damage Repairs

As Canada's #1 restoration company, we understand that unpredicted mistakes can often happen. Within seconds, something can ignite and a fire can uncontrollably rise. In an instant you can lose your home, your business or your life in the blink of an eye. All it takes is one tiny spark. For fire damage restoration in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and other major Candian cities, Canada's Restoration Services is here to help. Equipped with specialized tools, industry experience, and IICRC certificiation, call us in an emergency, and we will respond within 45 minutes. 

Damage Control

You can clean fabric, materials and furniture to remove odours and surface stains, boost ventilation and repaint but what about hidden contamination? A professional can identify and  remove these invisible hazards to keep you safe. Here’s why:

Improper particle removal and sanitization can leave behind a toxic cocktail of chemicals that can be ingested or inhaled, causing potential long-term health issues such as scarring of the lungs. There are different types of damage caused by smoke and fire. Odour-specific, sticky residue and even particulate matter can penetrate flooring, walls, ceilings, duct work and paint that average home or business owners are not trained to identify and safely remove. Not to mention the structural damage. Safety is a must.

Canada’s Restoration Services is fully insured to respond your home or business fire-recovery and restoration needs. Our professional teams are trained, certified experts. We use odour sealants, deodorizers, ventilation equipment and soot removers to prevent the spread of particles and debris throughout your home or business. We ensure safe removal and replacing of hazardous items be they structural or surficial. With the right tools and equipment to assess and potentially prevent secondary damage, we have all your fire restoration needs covered. We provide nation wide services and solutions for all all your fire & smoke damage restoration needs, including all the major cities in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

Your belongings are important to you, so they are important to us. We can help you with our Pack in & Pack Out services while repair work is under way. Your personal items will be documented, packed and stored in our safe facilities. You can have access to them whenever is necessary and once your home is restored, we will personal bring them back home.

These incidents are unexpected and may involve financial burdens if insurance is not willin to cover the expenses. If they are, we can deal directly with your adjuster. We are approved by all major insurance companies across Canada and have the experience and expertise in handling claims. You will be assigned to a dedicated project manager that will oversee the entire project, from cleanup to restoration. We offer professional services accross all the major cities in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

Fire Damage Inspections in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton.

When technicians arrive on scene, we will assess the scope of fire damage in Vancouver properties and determine what work needs to be done. Following fire damage inspections, we can provide asbestos inspection and asbestos removal in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal in cases where property damage has revealed hazardous of asbestos. In addition to fire damage restoration and asbestos abatement, Canada's Restoration Services offers water damage repair and clean up from Vancouver to Montreal as well as mold removal in Vancouver, Montreal, and Edmonton when fire and flooding occur at the same time.

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